Mmmmm, the fresh smell of a new year! How to make this year totally rock :)

Picard new year


Happy New Year to you and yours!

There’s nothing quite like that FIRST Monday of a brand spanking new year right?

Full disclosure, I’m in my pj’s and seriously contemplating another cup of coffee……and it’s 2 in the afternoon.

I did workout already! Then I showered and put pj’s on, cause that’s how I roll.

In honor of a NEW YEAR, I have some goodies for you today :) Are you excited? Cause you really should be……

Goodie number ONE:

Resolutions! Are you a resolution maker? Or do you refer to them as goals, life plans, wishes, or dog gone it I will do it this year???? Whatever you want to call them, I have some tips on how to crush your life and come out winning.

  1. Make it positive. Instead of the bland “I’m going to eat less” (what the heck kind of goal is that anyways?!?!?!?!), try a more positive spin on it. Something like, “I’ll add vegetables to one meal a day” is both positive and doable AND it really does help change your health for the better. Instead of viewing exercise as a chore, put a positive spin on it by trying some new things you might enjoy. Think outside the box and see what happens. Just remember, keep it positive.
  2. Avoid overcommitment. We all tend to have commitment issues. Those issues seem to be blaringly loud at the start of a fresh year. On New Year’s Eve we vow to hit the gym 5-6 days per week, cut out any and ALL junk food, down our own body weight in water, forgo sugar in any form, and never drink alcohol again…..then we wind up killing ourselves at the gym, hating the fact that one is so easy to get to (cause there goes that excuse), choking down dressing-free salads and dry chicken breast, and forcing a restless sleep out of our bodies. By Friday evening we are crying into the warm arms of a hot pizza, sipping our second glass of wine and binge watching Netflix. We have a food hangover Saturday and simply want to crawl back into bed….SLOW DOWN NELLY! The problem isn’t the commitments, but the amount of them. Changing EVERYTHING overnight is a shock to all of your systems and you end up overcommitting and underdelivering. Then, you just feel poorly about yourself. The fix? Focus on ONE habit change per week and you’re SURE to see results.
  3. Pay the MOST attention to the small stuff. Did you know that there truly are only 4 things that matter when it comes to fat loss and physique goals???? No lie. They are simple things that can change EVERYTHING for you once you learn to pay attention to them and master them. So why aren’t people everywhere focusing on these things and seeing results? Because these things aren’t flashy and don’t come with free T-shirts. They seem way too easy, but I am here to tell you this is what counts! Want to know them? Of course you do! Simple….

1) Quality nutrition

2) Mindful movement that includes the foundations of strength training, cardio, and flexibility

3) Sleep

4) Stress reduction techniques

Four simple things that yield BIG results. It may seem too simple to work, but it’s in the simplest things that we create the most effective habits.

Confused where to start? I’ll be offering an online challenge group to help you master the basics and you can sign up for information at the end of the post.

Goodie number two:

I’ve been working out at home lately (forgoing the gym for the time being) due to some medical issues and just the fact that I’m a bit of a homebody.

So, here are a few of my very FAVORITE things happening right now to help you see your very best self :)

BEST website for all things weightlifting:

My favorite blog of the moment: Thrive Personal Fitness

Awesome workout STREAMS: Beachbody On Demand I like P90X2 and X3. They do NOT offer the newest releases of other workouts, but old favorites (I do a lot of TurboFire) are on there and the cost is better than most streams

My favorite YOGA channel: Yoga with Adriene

Supps I’m Into: ONNIT I like the alpha brain, Matcha tea and coconut oil

OK, that should keep you rolling for now!

Get this year off to a good start…..even if you’re lucky enough to be in your jammies ;)



If you want to know when the next ONLINE challenge starts and what it’s all about, hit me up here….


The Week in Review: #sharesomethinginspiring Challenge

Hello lovelies!

My friends over at Fit Approach asked all of the #sweatpink ambassadors to partake in a special Twitter challenge for 3 weeks: we are to share something inspiring each and every day. These can range from things that inspire us, people that inspire us and even friends who may need a little extra inspiration. In a day and age where hope and inspiration can sometimes seem far away, this challenge has created a unique opportunity for us all….

Since May 22nd, I’ve been sharing inspiration through Twitter and Instagram (hey, I’m a picture gal!) and here is what inspired me this week:


May 22nd:
It all began with this post here,
It’s my way of becoming better at what I actually do AND letting go of the stress of trying to be EVERYBODY’S trainer (you know who you are people…)

May 23rd:
This was dedicated to my best friends, who help keep me real because they are not fitness world junkies :-)

embrace your body


A post dedicated to all my girls (those I know and those I don’t) to remind us of how worry can hurt, not help.


May 25th:

I shared what makes me smile…family. I have extended family that doesn’t even share my DNA, but they bring me great joy and I fight daily for them.

family smile

So, how would like to get in on this challenge?

Well, first, if you want to be inspired by me make sure you check out the weekly recap on the blog AND follow me on Twitter!

Next, share your own inspiration with the hashtag #sharesomethinginspiring and feel free to tag me in it.

Third, check out my friends at the Fit Approach for more news on real health and fitness, no fads allowed :)

Share something with me!


Tough Love Tuesday: the MAIN Difference you need to know about

As always, Tough Love needs a disclaimer: if you need fluffy feel goods, scroll through the posts. I’m all about empowering others to reach their goals and make a difference. This requires tough love sometimes. If you’re ready, read on!

There are several differences in those who reach their goals and those who struggle with their goals. I am in the excellent company of goal reachers just about every day, and have been enlightened to the common habits of those who are most successful in reaching whatever goals they set for themselves. It’s just a few small changes that make a HUGE impact:

  1. We are consistent. We don’t dilly dally with goals. We set them, map them and WORK for them, period. There is no second guessing and there are certainly no excuses. When you’re trying to reach a goal, who has time for excuses?
  2. We don’t complain. This is a HUGE one in and of itself. It probably deserves it’s very own post. We don’t complain about food, meal prep or workouts. We don’t complain about schedules or how difficult things seem in relation to our food and workouts. Complaining will lead to excuse making. I get a lot of complainers online and in the gym Do you know how many clients who spend their time complaining reached any of their goals? ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop. Right now. Get it out of your way because complaining that the scale isn’t moving (it will move when I chunk it out of the window) or that you’re having meal prep issues, or family stuff, or stress or whatever. People don’t want to hear it and running your mouth burns just about as many calories as stuffing it….so stop.
  3. We think outside the box. What happens when things don’t go as planned? What if you work out after you drop the kids off and then the school calls because your kid is sick? Or what if you depend on a DVD program and your TV explodes? Yeah, life happens. Be grateful you still have life happening (see #2) and move forward. Take your workout outside. On this site alone there are workouts you can do at the park or around a track. Be creative and bust a sweat.
  4. We plan for success. Successful goal planning will lead to goal reaching. We don’t want for it and wish for it (as in: I wish I could get up early and work out…), we work for it.

Changing your mindset will change everything! Take the negative and dump it into the recycle bin of your mind. Work for what you are trying to accomplish. I still get told no and doors still slam in my face…but I don’t quit and I refuse to live defeated. Stop measuring yourself by the scale and start building yourself in the gym (or garage, or track, or whatever floats your fancy). Ultimately, YOU are the reason you win or lose. Make it happen!


The ABS in question

I’m in SHAPE…the magazine!!!

I just wanted to take a minute and share this with ya’ll :)

I was featured in a SHAPE Magazine article, along with 19 other beautiful ladies, about getting fit without running. If you know me, then you know I’ve struggled with wanting to be a runner, but never quite making it due to past injury. Just because I can’t pound out marathons (and trust me, I have MUCH respect for those who do!) doesn’t mean I can’t get fit and sculpt a functional body to boot. You can check out the entire article HERE:


Have a healthy day!

Built for SUCCESS

How is it that some people just seem to “get it”. They thrive under pressure and always seem to hit the mark. It’s not as hard as one may think. They have a “WHY”.

If you have ever embarked on a personal improvement journey, then you have probably heard about a personal mission statement. This is a statement of why you exist. What are you here for? In a time when we seem to be cranking out generations of people who think they are here to get all they can, I believe it is of the utmost importance to realize that we are here to contribute to society in a positive way. One of the reasons I find this so important is because it is those with an affirmative WHY that succeed. If you’re always wondering what others can do for you, you will inevitably fail.

So, to make my point a little clearer I thought I’d share the WHY that turned my entire life around. Once I realized this fact, I was able to not only reach my health and fitness goals, but also prioritize my life and business so that I find balance and security every day. My WHY has developed over the years and is drawn from a variety of life experiences. My biggest priority is my family. I get the question “How do you keep going when motivation wears off, disappointment sets in, you get tired, etc?” all the time and the answer points directly back to my #1 priority. I want to be around as long as I can for my family. My mom never taught me how to raise kids (except for the way she raised myself and my brother and I am grateful!) and I want to be around to teach my kids that stuff. I also want to teach them to treat themselves with respect and then respect from others will follow. I may not be able to control if I get in a car wreck or not BUT I CAN CONTROL MY HEALTH. Look it up. Scientists and doctors agree that diet and exercise play the overall role in preventing obesity related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and most forms of cancer. I fight harder for my family, not my dress size. I think people find it too easy to pigeonhole me and make themselves believe that I live a sugarless life devoid of “real” fun. The reality is I have finally started living and giving my family the wife/mother they need and deserve. They get the best of me, not the very last. The dress size is just the icing on my cake…which I do eat when I so choose.

The second part of my WHY extends beyond my family into the far reaches of human kind (epic, I know!). I was once stuck on that same side of the couch, feeling as though I was NEVER going to get “there”. But that all changed when my priorities became clear. When I found my WHY all the little meaningless things (such as the number on the scale) slipped away. It did so because I am no longer selfishly focused on me. I am here to help others step out of their own way! Yep, you totally read that right. Not where you want to be in your fitness? That’s you, not your family. Not eating like you want to? All you. The greatest thing is once you realize that it really is ALL YOU and you can’t blame your family, your aerobics instructor (do you have any idea how many people stopped working out entirely when I stopped teaching a class?!?), your job, or the way the wind was blowing that day, then you can take control over that which you CAN control; the state of your health.

The question that must be asked then is, why are you here? If you’re still drawing breath YOU HAVE A JOB TO DO PEOPLE! Be honest with yourself. If life gets hard and you simply say, “This is too difficult, I can’t do it” that’s selfish! Figure out WHY! I beg of you to take out a pen and paper and get to brainstorming. Do you want to be a better role model for your kids? Do you want to contribute more financially (who doesn’t ?!)? Do you want to be a light in someone else’s life? What is your WHY? I cannot say that once you find your WHY it will get easier, but I can say with all certainty that you will SUCCEED.

To your WHY!


Tough Love Tuesday!

Welcome to you tough love Tuesday for this Tuesday, January 24th. Keep in mind these posts are meant for those who truly seek change in their lives.

SO, I just got home from a speech on goal setting that I gave to our local city employees (including our city manager and deputy city manager!) and I must  say I LOVE MY JOB! I don’t really call it a job though, it’s just my life and for the first time, everything fits! Why am I telling you this? Because your life should fit! I saw several people today who really opened their eyes and realized that they can accomplish ANYTHING. Sadly, I saw others that truly looked like they felt they were stuck no matter what they tried.

I’m going to tell you now what the ticket to success truly is: GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! Take a deep breath and step aside. Stop holding yourself back. Now I realize the laws of self-preservation state that at this moment you really want to stop reading and move on to something a little more uplifting, but I urge you to keep reading.

If you go back several posts you can read about setting SMART goals ( I totally encourage that). The problem with most goals is we set them but then we don’t know how to reach them. A couple of years ago I set a lofty goal (at the time I thought it was too HUGE) to write and publish a book in one year. By following a few simple steps I was able to write a publish a book in 6 months AND another book just a few months later! Think big people, we’re creating a life here! So, right now I want you to write down that BIG goal you have floating in the back of your mind. If you want to lose 100 pounds, write that down! If you want to make $100,000 this year, write it down. If your goal isn’t written down, it’s just a wish. Once your goal is written down it’s time to start doing the work. Get a little sweat on your brow and some soreness to your muscles because this goal is so worth it. I have 2 steps I want you to start on today AFTER you write down your goals.

Step 1: Find somebody who has accomplished your goal. If you want to lose 100 pounds, find somebody who has done that and contact them. If you want to pay off your debt, find somebody who has done that and contact them (Yeah, I’m the nerd in the back waving my arms cause I’ve done both). If you want a promotion, talk to someone who has that type of job. Want to start a blog? Talk to a blogger? Want to run a marathon? Talk to somebody who has done it! Do you see what I’m getting at here? Somebody else in this world has accomplished the very goal you’re after. So, that excuse of it being the goal you can’t do because it’s just undoable is no longer allowed. Move on.

Step 2: Start reading. Not People magazine (I admit I do it!) or raunchy novels. Find a book that will push you forward. Need suggestions? Dave Ramsey: TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER. Brian Tracy: GOALS. Brian Tracy: EAT THAT FROG. Chalene Johnson: PUSH. Dave Ramsey: ENTRELEADERSHIP. Pick one and get going. Ten pages a day is all it takes to start sparking a change. I have a couple as well, especially if weight loss happens to be your goal! The Little Fit Book and Navigating the Maze: Your Guide to Lasting Weight Loss.

Start living your life with intention. START TODAY! Stop waiting for your goals to come to you. Goals don’t fall from the sky people! You put in the work, you reap the rewards.