Do MORE than Survive this Holiday season

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Before you start clicking away, I GET IT!

We haven’t quite gotten through Thanksgiving and Christmas is already on our doorstep.

The once enthusiastic excitement has given way to overwhelming stress resulting from deadlines, expectations and all those fun family quirks that make each family unique.

Our world is moving at a MUCH faster pace than ever before. We value busyness instead of human contact. We are always on to the next thing. We can barely keep up with technology and those expectations? They keep getting bigger.

Trust me, I know…..

But there are a few ways to actually THRIVE and take back the meaning of the holidays.

Ready to feel BETTER when the New Year hits???

Then let’s get going :)

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1. Have a strategy.

Failure to plan is planning to fail after all. So it is a good idea to make a strategy for your Holidays. Know what you (as a mere mortal) can actually take and accomplish. Know your calendar and make sure you have your priorities straight. I think most people endure undo stress during the season because their priorities are not aligned with their values. For example: my number 1 priority is my family. My family needs time with me. Although my job prefers I work more hours and sell more training, I know that would simply break me down and make me inefficient….at work AND at home. So, I honor my priorities and we all win.

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2. Say NO more often.

Often times during this season we can over commit ourselves because we find it harder to say NO. Saying no to things you truly cannot do, truly HATe, or do not have the time to do, can be the change you need in your routine to eliminate most of your stress. Trust me, the world will NOT stop spinning when you say no. People may get a little upset, but that is because they had already assumed you would say yes, and you know what happens when you assume…:) So, exercise your NO muscles this season. Take a look at your priority list and if something isn’t aligning, knock it off your to-do list by saying the simple word NO.

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3. Make some time to workout during the Holidays.

I’m going to give a little advice with this one: be flexible when it comes to your workout routine. If you normally hit the gym in the evening, maybe try getting a workout in early morning or during lunch. The holiday season is usually jam-packed with parties and festivities and NOBODY like a bah-humbug who complains about missing a workout for a function. Plan ahead and be flexible. Consider shorter workouts OR even combine body parts and shorten your rest periods to speed it up a bit. If you’re struggling to get to the gym as is, don’t set yourself up for failure by expecting too much. Check out my FREE WORKOUTS  that you can do in a faction of the time at home (to be posted on the site in the New YEAR, but click the link to get them now). If all else fails, grab a walk or jog. OR you can join me in a little self challenge I am having for the Holidays: I am committing to a little yoga everyday AND a minimum of 200 kettle bell swings a day. You can break it up however you like. And if you’re unfamiliar with the SWING, click the link to learn more.

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4. Do something GOOD.

There’s a lot that can be said about that feeling during the Holidays that just makes you want to DO GOOD. You can volunteer at a local soup kitchen, adopt an elderly neighbor for the Holidays, collect toys for a toy drive, OR join a local church for plenty of opportunities to DO GOOD. Check your calendar and availability and then find the right fit for you.

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5. Finally, be GRATEFUL.

I know it can be a bit cliché, but digging deep for the things that make you grateful is a great practice in stress relief. Take a moment each day to find ONE thing you are grateful for. It can be family and friends, your job, material blessings, health, or even the fact that your latter didn’t burn your mouth this morning. Gratefulness comes in ALL shapes and sizes, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box :)

In closing, I really do with you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas. I hope your hearts get filled with joy this season and I wish you all the best in the New Year.

If this is your first time to the site, feel free to browse around. There are all kinds of recipes and free workouts here to get you through whatever you may be facing. AND stay in touch because there will be some exciting happenings around here in 2018 :)




Happy Thanksgiving! Your Total Body Slimming Circuit is HERE!

Your Turkey Day Total Trimming Circuit

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Turkey Day workout will torch major calories before the bird. We’ll be igniting the large, fat burning muscles in the body PLUS utilizing peripheral heart action, a method of training which helps raise the metabolic rate and promote greater EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption). All this means greater calorie burn for you before, during, and after your celebration. Stay tuned down below for some simple Turkey Tummy Tamers!

Burn the Bird Circuit 1:

50 Jumping Jacks

10 Push Ups

50 Alternating Forward Lunges

10 Burpees

Burn the Bird Circuit 2:

20 Triceps Dips (from chair or counter)

50 Plie’ Squats

10 Inverted (Down Dog) Push Ups

50 High Knees (high knee run for count of 50)

Burn the Bird Circuit 3:

10 Jump Squats

High Plank Hold for Count of 30

20 Alternating Plank Knee to Triceps (from high plank pull knee in to same arm)

50 Bicycle Crunches

50 Bridge Hip Lifts

Complete each circuit with little to no rest to increase caloric expenditure. Always remember to warm up and cool down, plus get plenty of fluids. We all have different schedules, so commit to all 3 circuits at least 1 time through. If you have time this morning you can do the whole workout up to 4 xs for maximum calorie torching. If you’re pressed for time, consider doing a couple more rounds this evening. Remember to go at a pace that challenges you the WHOLE time. Your rate of perceived exertion should hang around a 7-8 on a scale of 1-10 (1 being couch potato and 10, nearly needing an ambulance!). Hit it hard and the results will come! Post in the comments below when you’re done!



BONUS! Turkey Tummy Tamers

We have ALL been there! You did your workout, had your meals, set your goals and vowed NOT to overdo at Thanksgiving dinner…only to overdo anyways and be left feeling bloated and overdone yourself. No worries! I’ve got some of my own tips that really help me on those not-so-stellar eating days :)

  1. Shake it off. What’s done is done and there is no amount of regret, guilt or fat burners that will erase it. You enjoyed your time, so let it go.
  2. Do the math. For you to REALLY gain just 1 pound of fat, you would have to physically ingest 3500 calories MORE than what you use to live. That’s 3500 more than your basal metabolic rate and 3500 more than that awesome workout you accomplished this morning. My guess if for a 140 pound woman, you would have to have taken in 8000+ to gain 1 pound…..I know the pies were good, but really? Chances are that bloated feeling is from water retention. You can breathe now…..and get off the scale for a few days!
  3. Peppermint tea helps with digestion. The human body can only fully digest about 400-700 calories at a time. This is due to the amount of macronutrients the body can physically break down and send where it needs them. On Turkey day we can overdo. After the bustle, fix yourself a cup of peppermint tea to stimulate the digestive system and ease some of the puffy feeling.
  4. Drink water like you’re being paid to do it! Over the next 3 days you’re #1 Goal is to down a gallon (yes, GALLON) of water per day. Flush the system and get the processed goodies (candied yams, green bean casserole, buttery mashed potatoes, canned cranberry sauce, pies, cakes, cookies anyone?) out ASAP.
  5. Yoga is now your friend. Yoga utilizes twisting to relieve tension in the spine, but twisting can also relieve the bloat in the belly as well as that heavy feeling in the legs. Most yoga studios offer a FREE YOGA CLASS the day after Thanksgiving. Grab a buddy and spend an hour finding your ahhhhhh.
  6. Get back on track. Make sure you are ready tomorrow to jump back on clean eating. If you went to family, forgo the to-go bags. If you host, give the food away! If your family doesn’t want it, check the local shelter. Many shelters will take leftovers to feed those less fortunate. Call ahead to make sure. Also, think about making plates for those who are working during the Holiday, or those you see on the street day by day. Part of this season is a spirit of giving. You don’t need the food, so let it go!
  7. Get moving. Don’t sit on the couch moaning about a protruding belly, get up and move. A brief walk can stimulate the digestive system and help ease the achiness of too much indulging.


There you have it! Tried, true, and super easy ways to get you back on track to reaching your goals. Come back for some Fun Friday tomorrow and hear answers to your weight loss specific questions.



Have a Healthy Turkey Day!


Healthy Holidays #3

Today’s advice centers around that which we are most grateful for this time of year: FOOD. Yay, good eats! That’s right, this time of year offers an overabundance of good foods and flavors that seem to only tickle your taste buds once a year (though green bean casserole will make appearances in our household more than once). So, as the holidays approach I have some tried and true advice to help you keep your mind in tact while enjoying your festivities as well.

In the hustle and bustle leading up to Thanksgiving, most of us are so concerned with the BIG meal that we tend to forget all the meals that must precede it. At the end of our busy days, we’re left ordering takeout or running through the drive through. There are alternatives to fried chicken pieces and cold pizza ( I admit, I love cold pizza!). First, I always try to stock up on pre washed salads at the grocery store. If I know cooking chicken breasts won’t happen, I throw on some low sodium deli meats and some canned (always rinse) kidney beans to up the protein factor. Salad dressings can harbor lots of unnecessary fat, sugar, and chemicals so I always to olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar. Way cheaper that way too. beans and rice as well as veggie soup and cornbread are regularly on the menu leading up to Thanksgiving. these are super easy to prepare and digest meals that are cheap to make and easy to season however you like.

If stocking up at the grocery or spending ANY more time in the kitchen seems like torture (hey, I totally get it!) then there are healthier versions of common favorites that won’t break your goals. Thin crust pizza saves you nearly 200 calories per serving AND if you opt for veggie and ask them to go light on the cheese, you have an incredibly healthy and satisfying meal brought right to your door. When out and about, subway is an awesome option and one of my favorites. You can get the veggie to help make yourself feel better about hitting those pesky vegetable requirements, so you can even get an oven roasted chicken breast with a small amount of shredded cheese, toasted and loaded with veg. I always get a foot long and either share with my daughter or save the other have for lunch the next day. Most fast food chains now offer the option of grilled chicken sandwiches and even salads. You can have a grilled chicken sandwich and small cup of broth based soup (if the cheesy broccoli is calling your name, get a small and pair it with a salad) for around 400 cals. This will give you enough energy to get through your day with ease.

Remember, this time of year is not about deprivation, nor should it be! Relax and make sure you nourish your bodies nutritional needs. You’ll find that everything seems a little more jolly when you feel better from the inside out!

Tune in next week for a Thanksgiving day warm up workout, a pre-meal breakfast, and some portion control tips to help you stay awake :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle XOXO


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Healthy Holidays 2011 #2: Turkey Trots and such

As we near Thanksgiving ( you realize it’s almost time to thaw the turkey right?) there is a tradition that I enjoy most every year. On Thanksgiving morning I get up and run before the rest of the household is a bustle with sugared excitement. I usually run for about an hour and this run serves a dual purpose. 1) I burn calories before the feast of the day even starts. 2) I am able to de-stress and clear my head of any left over junk that may be hanging on from the time of year.

The same kind of thing was born when Turkey Trots started taking off. Turkey trots are offered all around and chances are you can find one very close to your home. They mostly 5K runs, but they are also widely non competitive and fun for the whole family. Even the kids get involved and love it! If you are wanting to run in a Turkey Trot (or if you are like me and prefer to relish your run as your quiet time) I suggest starting an easy training program. Couch to 5K is one of the absolute best and allows you to train at a steady pace. You can always enlist the help of a running couch to perfect your gait and help you choose the right shoes, especially if your harbor a lot of pain in the legs and joints post run.

Any way you choose to go about it, I suggest getting out of the kitchen even if it’s just for a brief stroll around the block. This is a healthy habit you will want to stick with year after year. :)


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Healthy Holidays 2011

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again! The hustle and bustle of the holidays are upon us and I am here to help you maintain a sense of calm, ease, and health throughout this busy season. Yes, it is totally possible to stay healthy and on track with your goals while enjoying all the holidays have to offer. You just have to know the tricks….

Over the holiday season, I’ll be sharing with you some of my tried and true tricks of the trade to help you keep your health, and your figure, in tact so you don’t end up with more New Year’s resolutions! I’ll be posting blogs, recipes, and even a few short workout videos to help you along the way. Here are a few things to remember as this festive season approaches:

  1. Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you have to eat it. If it’s worth the calories (hello, fudge) then enjoy, but if not, leave the fruit cake alone and go on about your day.
  2. When it come to working out during the holidays, think quality over quantity every time. When things gets busy, you may not have time for an hour long walk or 5 mile run, BUT you can carve out a couple of 5-10 minute sessions per day where you can boost your metabolism just by getting in some heart pumping movement.
  3. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, not feared. Don’t over analyze your plate at Thanksgiving dinner or forgo the Christmas cookies (unless those aren’t your thing) in the name of weight loss. There is nothing you can do in 1 DAY that will cause you to put on a bunch of weight. The holidays are a time of enjoyment, so don’t suck the fun out of it by adding your weight watchers points at the dinner table.
  4. The old adage of sneaking in exercise really does work. Park further away from the store. Pace around while talking on the phone. Sit on a exercise ball while watching Christmas programs. At the end of the day, it all adds up….

These are just a few to get you ready. There will be NO strict meal plans or punishing workouts here. We’ll just be discussing what works. Easy, relaxing, and all that comes with this season. So, get ready to deck the halls and stuff the turkeys the fit and healthy way: one day at a time :)

XOXO Michelle

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