March Madness Brings April Challenges!

Spring Challenges are gearing up as we speak!

This Spring I will be focusing on gathering challenge groups based on days of commitment (everything from 21-90 days!) and they will span 19 fitness programs and 2 nutritional challenges.

There really is something for everybody!

P90X and P90X2 are both in the April challenges, 1 in the 90 day GO GETTERS group and the other in the GAME CHANGERS group. BONUS! They’re are both on an awesome sale THIS MONTH ONLY.

P90X: This is a 90 day commitment to change and is geared towards maximum weight loss and change in body composition. Meaning less fat and more lean muscle.

P90X2: This is a 90 day commitment as well and is geared towards those looking to improve their athletic prowess and power. This means a better game in your chosen sport. you can expect your core strength to improve greatly and you cardiac efficiency to increase while your body becomes more lean and chiseled.

March is also the FINAL month to lock in your SHAKEOLOGY cost before the price increase in April. Get on HD in March, and you’ll save $250 per year!

You can sign up for challenges and browse all packs today.

I’ll be back next Monday, 3/18, to break down the groups and tell you the prize YOU could win.

Live loud and get healthy in 2013!

Michelle xoxo

FUN FRIDAY!!!! International Women’s Day!

Wow, am I excited about today! Why? Well, to start, I happen to BE a woman :) Also, I happen to know a LOT of inspiring women!

Today is also the start of some brand new things that I wanted to share.

Fun Fridays will consist of challenges for your weekend. I’m filming some now (well, right now I’m writing) and all you have to do is commit to it and follow along…THEN post that you completed it and share it on Facebook and Twitter so your friends get all jealous, I mean inspired.


back and bis

That’s from this morning’s workout…which I KILLED! LOL

When you work your back and chest, you’re working MAJOR fat burning muscles PLUS getting the added benefit of nice arms. It’s a win/win.

So, the challenge is SUPER simple and requires ZERO equipment.

Are you ready for it?

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is 100 walk out push ups this weekend!

You read that correctly ;)

You can split these up as you see fit, doing 10 walk out push ups every few hours or so. Remember the golden rules though:

  1. Always warm up.
  2. Always stretch.
  3. Don’t eat your work away just because it’s a hard move! Focus people!

So there you have it. Once you have completed your challenge, post in the comments and SHARE it with your friends. This makes you the influencer and may help ignite a fit fire in somebody you care about.

In honor of International Women’s Day, I would like to honor a great inspirer in my life, Mrs. Tosca Reno! Though she and I have not officially met, yet, she has been a source of knowledge and inspiration to me for years. Her ease and approach to nutrition and life are a great guide to follow and she exudes grace and strength in one awesome package.

Who is your woman of inspiration? Give them a shout out today!

Empower others,