A Day in the Life: How I Eat to Keep Skin Tight

Skin can be a major concern for many people, especially those seeking a tighter physique. The wear and tear of cardio and fad diets will leave the skin less than spectacular. Collagen in the skin is broken down and lost not only with age, but with every false step we take towards finding our inner skinny. This is why focusing on health and fitness is of the utmost importance. If you’re suffering from a little loose skin (or want to avoid it) take a peek at a normal daily meal plan for me*.

Upon waking: juice of 1 lemon in 6 oz hot water

Meal #1: A SHAKE (I have a slight obsessions with these shakes) :)

Meal #2: 1/3 cup oats cooked in 2/3 cup water, handful of berries and 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein

Meal #3: 2 cups baby spinach, 5 oz tuna mixed with a spoon of relish some green onion and a little mustard (don’t knock it till you try it!)

Meal #4: 1 whole grain rice cake with 2 TBSP low-fat cottage cheese and a few raisins

Meal #5: 1 scoop whey protein in 8 oz water, 1 fruit (post workout)

Meal #6: 4 oz chicken breast, 2 cups steamed or roasted veggies, 1/4 cup brown rice (optional)

Meal #7: 1 scoop casein protein blended with 6-8 oz almond milk (this is usually ONLY when I’m still hungry or on a heavy leg day)

All meals are manageable and small. You should be eating every few hours for energy as research has not conclusively found that it makes you burn more. I do still drink 1-2 cups of coffee (with cream!) a day and I cannot stress the water enough. Aim for a minimum of 1 gallon per day. Yeah, be that person.

A word of caution: I love sugar. I mean like real sugar, candy and all that. Sugar wreaks havoc on your skin though and will demolish collagen, so it’s best to treat with natural sweets (like fruits) and save the man-made sugary treats for every once in a while.

*As of this post, I am following a competition prep diet. This diet emphasizes a bit more protein and fewer carbs and will tighten skin as well. It is not, however, how I would eat all the time :)

Until next time, keep living fit!


After 2

Benefits of Proper Training: Knowing HOW TO Reach Your Goals

“Why do you train?”

It’s a common, yet confusing question. Each of us have slightly different goals when it comes to training. This is why we must approach training (and choosing a trainer) with a glass slipper approach: one size most definitely does NOT fit all….


What’s more important, cardio or weights? Honestly, there is a scientific theory based on how the body works and then there is one’s own knowledge of how their own body works. The muscles of the body are particularly designed to move the skeleton of the body. If the muscles atrophy and are no longer used, we can no longer move, period. While some of us may think the muscles are designed to help us look good in bikinis or fill out our jeans….they actually serve a more functional purpose. In order to gain strength (I’m not talking size at this point) we must place a certain amount of pressure upon the muscles in order to force them to adapt. The absolute GREATEST thing about being human is that we have been created to adapt. In order to create the needed pressure for the aforementioned adaptation we need some resistance training. Here is where it can go haywire for some: resistance training and body building are NOT the same thing. Training for muscle growth is vastly different (in both training and nutrition) from training for fitness, overall health and better strength. What would I consider resistance training for our purposes?

  • Weight training (obviously)
  • Resistance Bands
  • Exercise ball
  • Body weight exercise
  • TRX/suspension training
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Barre
  • Dance
  • Kickboxing
  • Boxing
  • Martial Arts

Honestly, I’m sure there is more but these examples will suffice for our purposes. These activities all help to build lean muscle and therefore allow the body to burn at a more efficient rate, meaning you’ll have a higher metabolism. Various workouts, such as kickboxing, dancing, body weight, etc. can actually help with cardiovascular health as well as maintaining and building lean muscle and are favored among those strapped for time and seeking more efficient workouts. So, where does all the confusion come in? In my opinion, it’s due to far too many opinions being thrown out there…..

One thing that is always remarked upon is weight training and women. I hope at some point we will get over this, but alas, we have not. Weight training will not make you BULKY. Women lack the needed testosterone to get super big. As a matter of fact, the women who compete in body building (the huge muscles) have to work far harder at gaining and maintaining muscle growth of that capacity. Nutrition and supplementation have to be spot on 24/7 and these athletes devote their lives to growth. Which is why people like me tend to lean towards bikini comps :) Case in point:

flat abs before                      weight training abs

So, the pic on top was taken at the tail end of a cardio rush, where I was simply doing cardio (running, kbox, etc) with no weights. The pics on bottom were 4 weeks later(2 weeks and 2 more weeks) after I picked up heavy weights again. See the point? Now, here’s the rub: weight work brilliant FOR ME. They happen to be my go-to and when I’m prepping for pictures, a show or even just the water park, I stick to weights and have minimal cardio. This is my gig nad by challenging and listening to my body I have found what truly works. It’s backed by the exercise science and my routines are pretty old school. I don’t throw in all this super crazy stuff….I lift things up and put them down LOL!


What I always try to remind my clients is that our goals are not the same. My goal at times is to put on muscle and drastically cut fat. Theirs can be that the doctor told them they have to lose 50 pounds stat! These are 2 very different goals and should be approached differently. When you are just beginning a weight loss journey consider this: just move it. I really don’t care the type of cardio weight loss clients choose, it just has to be done consistently. I know Fitness Magazine had an article about how HIIT training can cut body fat faster, but I also know from experience that jumping repeatedly with over 200 pounds on your frame is not an activity you will keep up with! So, when you’re at the very beginning, JUST MOVE! Now, once you start to get your footing and you’re very focused on nutrition (water and greens will get you anywhere you want to go), start adding resistance training in order to bump up the metabolism and keep the skin tight.


Here’s the deal with the M word…it is short-lived, but necessary. Where do I find motivation? EVERYWHERE! I can find it in past pictures (I mean, if my body did it once it can do it again!), old pics (AH!, I don’t want to go back THERE!), YouTube videos, magazine articles, movies, etc. I also keep plenty of fit friends in my circle and all up on my social media. When I decided competing would be in my future, I started gaining friends who were already doing what I wanted to do. That’s a key component to constant motivation right there. So think of your life a little different. I may not get paid big bucks to keep my booty in shape for a movie, BUT I train like I do…..so I’m ready when the call comes ;) Change your perception and make good choices on who you surround yourself with on a daily basis.

Now we’re moving forward, but I warn you not to get distracted and lose momentum! Think like a freight train, not a kitty cat….

Much fit love,


Bikini Comp Meal Plan and Workout Split

Whether you’re planning on strutting your stuff in a glittery suit on-stage, walking the beach with your loved one, or simply sliding into your fave Summer shorts with no hassle, this meal plan and workout split will cover the bases! Remember that your food is your #1 source of fuel and calories give you energy! You can’t starve your way to a sleek physique people. Eat the proper foods at the proper time and you will see results! Tighter, clearer skin and leaner, stronger muscles take a little time, but can totally be obtained through a little practice, patience and what I like to call gusto! If you’re in comp season, this is your gig for the next 8-12 weeks. If you just want to feel and look better, treat your food and workouts like a job, Monday though Friday keep it tight and leave a little room for treats in the weekend….just don’t get crazy :) Gentlemen, you can make this plan your own by adding to the portion sizes so you get enough calories to fuel the muscle your growing! So grab a partner and let’s go!

Bikini Comp Meal Plan:

Upon waking: 6 ounces hot water with the juice of 1/2-1 whole lemon. 16 oz pure water.

Breakfast: 1/3 cup dry oats (quick cooking), 6 egg whites, 1 scoop Vanilla whey protein (I love BSN Lean Dessert). Mix it all together for some Bikini Comp pancakes, top with berries and enjoy a cup of coffee, skip the cream and sugar.

Mid-Morning: Juice 5 carrots, 1 small green apple and a 2 inch piece of ginger. Drink cold and have a handful of almonds.

Lunch: 2 cups mixed greens, 5 ounces salmon (either grilled or from the can), cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers all drizzled with 1 tablespoon olive oil and the juice of 1 lemon. Serve with 1/2 baked sweet potato, spiced up with salt-free spices (like Ms. Dash)

Afternoon Snack: the ultimate beauty smoothie :) In a powerful blender combine 6 ounces water, 1/4 cup low-fat Greek yogurt, 1 handful spinach, 2 celery stalks, 1 kiwi, 1 small green apple, juice of 1 lemon and 1/4 (OK, I usually do 1/2) avocado. Optional: add 1 tablespoon chai seed and ice to taste, stevia if you like it sweet!

Dinner: Slim soup. This gives you muscle repairing protein and more veggies to help combat bloat. Find the recipe HERE.

Bedtime Snack: 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese with about 20 crushed walnuts. Option 2: 1 scoop whey protein in water. Finish it off with some herbal tea and rest well!

Bikini Comp Workout Plan:

I adhere to a 6 day regimen, with Sundays being my active rest days.

Monday Wake up: 15-20 minute HIIT

Monday Weights: Glutes and Legs, particularly hamstrings

Tuesday Wake Up: 15-20 minute HIIT

Tuesday Weights: Biceps, Back and Boxing drills

Wednesday Wake Up: 3040 minutes yoga

Wednesday Weights: Heavy Shoulders and Abs

Thursday Wake Up: 15-20 minutes HIIT

Thursday Weights: 2nd Glutes day with a focus on light weights/heavy reps and plyo

Friday Wake Up: 15-20 minutes HIIT

Friday Weights: MMA Strength Conditioning

Saturday Wake Up: YOGA

Saturday Weights: for this workout I’ll either do 100′s (which I do about every 4 weeks) or a track workout

Sunday: YOGA

Now, it’s a great week if I get ALL of this in. Some days I may wake up super sore, or have had a bad night’s sleep. On those day I may opt for yoga or barre. I simply try to never STOP moving, even if my schedule or circumstances change. If competing isn’t on your radar, try a 3 day split with weight work M/W/F and some cardio of choice T/Th. You’ll see results and feel better in no time.

Just remember to always honor your body and that the MOST results are found in the kitchen! So stay clean to get lean and as always, have a healthy day!


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The Essential Tight Skin Diet Smoothie

Good Monday Morning!

So, you know that I am a big fan of the kitchen right? I love to play around and come up with clean recipes and tasty treats, but these won’t do me a lot of good unless they fuel my body and help propel me towards my goals. So, I wanted to share with you a Tight Skin Diet staple for my mornings. Yep, I blend this beauty up and drink it every single morning. It’s great for those of you who are dealing with weight loss plateaus as well as skin issues. The nutrition in this smoothies gives you 5-7 servings of your fruits and veggies for the day! You read that right. And it’s great for all you veggie haters out there (you know who you are!). The fruit is what you taste and I’ll even give you some tips to make it more palatable if need be. I drink an ENTIRE blenderful every day and it has even replaced my daily multi-vitamin. This shake is great if you’re just starting out on whole foods or trying to incorporate some more veggies into your diet. It helps increase fat burning, decrease free radicals and amp up that healthy skin glow. Think of it as your beauty shake, from the inside out. :)

20120823-091040.jpg     20120823-091050.jpg


8 oz pure, clean water

1/4 cup low-fat yogurt, plain

1 handful spinach

3 romaine lettuce leaves

2 celery stalks

1 small green apple

1 small green pear

1 banana

1/4-1/2 small avocado

2 carrots (I suggest these ONLY if you have a Vitamix or high-powered blender)

small handful of berries (I usually use blueberries as they are a TSD staple)

Ice to desired consistency

Stevia or raw honey to taste if necessary

If you are the happy owner of a Vitamix, throw it all in and blend on high. If you another blender, start with the water and cruciferous veggies (spinach, lettuce, celery) then add the fruits with the avocado and banana being last. Make sure all fruits and veggies are washed!

Like I said before, this is a big blender full and I personally drink the whole thing every morning :)

If you aren’t in the mood, I suggest placing the rest in a jar with a tight-fitting lid and place in the fridge. It will stay fresh for up to 48 hours after making it. You can feel free to drink some in the morning as well as the afternoon if you like and play around with your fruits and veggies! Be playful in the kitchen. Some fruits/veggies to try:

  • Swiss Chard
  • Kale
  • Mint leaves (a little goes a LONG way)
  • Parsley
  • Cilantro
  • Tomatoes
  • Melons
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Papaya
  • Kiwi

There really isn’t an end. Pineapple has a stronger flavor and can mask veggie taste if you desire that, although growing up and getting over it is another option for you ;)

Be adventurous in your own kitchen! Don’t have time to whip this up every morning? Do it at night and have your jar ready to go as you walk out the door.

It takes me less than 4 minutes from fridge to cup for this bad boy and I reap the benefits of going green daily.

Let me know what you come up with!




Soups, Salads and Smoothies: Your Key Ingredients to Sure Fire Success

Let’s face it, we all see to have a season when weight loss is easy and a season when it seems impossible. Usually the easy part comes because we are focused on a new training program or when we have hired some help to point us on the right path. I have found a fool-proof plan to boost my own personal weight loss in just 7 days. Call it the 7 day diet if that floats your boat :) but really it’s just a way to give my system a break.

You see, when you are always eating some form of processed foods, the body will start to become sluggish until the metabolism is almost at a stand still. I know, I know, you eat clean right? Well, here are some examples of food that can cause the body to build up metabolism slowing toxins when consumed regularly:

  • Chips
  • Crackers
  • Bread
  • White rice/pastas
  • Whey protein shakes ( I know! I love them too)
  • Protein bars
  • Candy
  • Too many starchy veggies (potatoes)
  • Dairy (cheese, milk, creamer, ice cream)
  • Soy
  • Red Meat
  • Fatty Meats

Ok, so what is left to eat right??? There’s PLENTY if you know what you are doing.

My eating plan during these 7 days is pretty basic. I generally have a whole foods smoothie for breakfast, a large salad and fish for lunch, and a soup for dinner. I try to stick to mostly veggies for snack :)

What is a whole foods smoothie? Well, I don’t use any powders really. If I find myself severely lacking in energy (which usually doesn’t happen) then Shakeology would be the only supplemental food source I would let in the diet. My go-to whole foods smoothie looks like this:

  • 1 cup coconut/almond blend milk, plain with no sweeteners
  • 1/2 cup 2% Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 banana
  • handful of berries
  • handful of spinach
  • 1 tsp ground flax-seed
  • 1 tsp ground chai seeds
  • 1/8 avocado (OK, I lie….it’s more like 1/4 or more!)
  • Blend all in blender, add water to make thinner, ice to make thicker

Lunchtime salads call for something filling. My latest obsession is the rubbed kale salad:

  • 2 cups trimmed kale greens
  • 1 tbsp + extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tbsp local honey
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • pinch of sea salt
  • diced fresh rosemary
  • place washed greens in bowl and massage them with olive oil (your skin will feel FABULOUS afterwards), set aside for 20-30 mins or make ahead of time. Add lemon juice, sea salt, rosemary and honey, stir and serve with fish of choice. NOTE: if you don’t dig fish, feel free to serve with some chicken or even eggs.

Dinnertime Soup:

  • 5-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (or 1 whole chicken)
  • water to cover
  • 5-6 celery stalks, washed and chopped
  • garlic cloves, minced (as many as you can handle)
  • 1 small red onion, chopped
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil or olive oil
  • 2 cups small mushrooms, washed
  • 6 carrots, washed and chopped
  • Cook chicken in water, bringing to a boil, then covering and letting it sit in the hot water for 1 hour.
  • Pull chicken out, reserve broth
  • In the same pan (broth reserved in another bowl) pour in olive oil, onion, garlic and mushroom. Cook down until onion is transparent.
  • Add in celery and carrots, cook until just barely tender
  • Add broth back in, then add chopped chicken.
  • Bring to a boil then cook on low simmer for 20-30 minutes
  • Should make 10-12 full bowl servings

Keep your snacks in the veggie variety to help leave the weight behind. They do not need to be raw veggies all the time, as you can cook them so they are easier on the belly.


Embark on your 7 day journey to slim and get ready for major energy and wellbeing!




BONUS!!!! Skinny Water is great for getting your H2O in and beating bloat. In a large pitcher add a handful of sliced cucumber, some mixed berries and 1 lemon and 1 orange (ALL washed and sliced). Pour filtered water over and let it sit in the fridge overnight. By morning you have fruit flavored goodness waiting to brighten your skin and tighten your waistline!






Stuck in a rut? Try THIS:

Plateaus can, and often do, happen to the most dedicated of exercisers. Plataeas are a part of life. We must even out at some point and our bodies are no different.

Here are a few ways to deal with plateaus when they arise:

  1. Look into your nutrition. If you don’t keep a daily record of food, including portion sizes, I encourage you to do so for a week. At the end of the week, simply evaluate your choices. Are you falling for “diet” foods, are you eating off your kids plates too much, or have preservatives crept back into your diet? Look over your choices without judgement and simply take in the facts. Make notes of what can and should be changed and move forward.
  2. Consider a break. With high intensity exercise being all the rage and Crossfit covering pages of social media, it can be hard to accept the fact that the human body needs rest too. If we ignore these signs we become more vulnerable to injury and even some life threatening diseases. What are some signs that you need a good 5-10 days away from your program? Chronic headaches, extreme fatigue, muscle soreness that does not dissipate within 2 days, trouble focusing, loss of appetite, loss of taste, a feeling of overall “BLAH” about life, general lethargy when away from your workout, trouble sleeping and just that nagging feeling that something isn’t right. If your normal program has ceased to yield results, consider a short break. You will NOT gain back all the weight you lost, nor will you lose the muscle you put on in 7 days! Give your body permission to heal so you can come back stronger.
  3. Think about changing your program entirely. If you’re a hard-core runner, try Pilates or a circuit style training class to mix it up. Love kickboxing? Consider taking a martial arts discipline or a self-defense class such as Krav Maga. Huge yoga fan? Try a Barre class. The limits to your programs are truly in your mind. Break out of your self-imposed box and try something new to lose the rut.
  4. Take up yoga (if you haven’t already). The benefits of a regular yoga practice FAR outnumber any other program. PLus, yoga has been around for centuries and can be modified to suit anybody’s needs. Don’t get trapped in the style itself or fall into the snob era of branding though. Consider YOUR specific needs (sports performance, depression relief, corrective exercise, anxiety relief, injury prevention, detoxification, etc) and choose accordingly.
  5. Check your stress levels. We cannot live in a world without stress, but we CAN have an active role in how we handle it. The problem is that most of us are so stressed out we cannot breathe long enough to handle it. Accept the responsibility of the things you TRULY have control over (um, BTW, that would just be YOU and your reactions) and commit to letting go of everything else. My favorite way is to write these things down on a piece of paper. Then I mark off the ones I have zero control over and throw the paper away. Here’s the trick: you have to understand YOU cannot control everything in any capacity. Let go type A, let go :)

These are just a few things that can help get you through a plateau and get you started towards a healthier self. This week, look for more posts dealing with nutrition specifics of busting plateaus, dealing with depression and a sure-fire way to speed up weight loss.

I’ll see you soon!




Fit for a King

Good morning!

I hope you find yourself at the tail end of a Happy Easter. Mine was spent with family and my church friends. I found some refreshment amidst a busy week, which is always nice.

As I scrolled through my Facebook feed last week, I came upon a quote from one of my favorite pages, Pray Fit. It simply stated:

Let’s strive to be so healthy spiritually that we’re ready for the mission field. And so healthy physically that we’d want to run there.” – Jimmy Peña

As we strive for our health and fitness goals, we can sometimes be misunderstood as “vain”, “conceited”, or just plain “self obsessed”. I have come up against some of these accusations in the world, but mostly they exist in the plane of my mind. The voices that whisper in my ear and hold me back tend to catch me at just the right time. The encouraging thing is that I serve a King who is always faithful to keep me on my path.

I find it quite odd, and a bit sad, that within the fitness world I have been blessed to meet some people who are beyond bold in their faith and love for Jesus. These are striking athletes who compete in sport, fitness, figure and bikini competitions. They do not credit themselves for their confidence, but they point to a God who has redeemed them and made them whole. Many competitors write blogs giving God the glory not only for their physiques, but for the freedom to do what they do. I have known football players who give back freely (with both time and money) because they believe it is of God, not themselves, that they are able to do what they do. What about this makes me sad? I have met more bold, Christ proclaimers in the fitness competition world than I see in our churches today….

My pastors often encourage us to take off our church masks. In other words, our lives should look no different on Sunday than they do Monday through Saturday. I have struggled with this for years. I kept my “church life” and my “fitness life” as separate as I could…and I was miserable. Leading 2 lives takes a lot of energy! I was willing to give God bits and pieces of my life, but struggled with giving it all up. My fitness, my ability to work out, my understanding of nutrition….this is all a gift from a loving King. It is my profound pleasure to return these gifts to His glory.

You see, a large weight is lifted when we stop worrying about the decision itself (should I compete, should I not compete? Should I go on a mission trip or not? Should I take on clients? Should I become a coach?) and think more about the heart behind the decision. IN the grand scheme of things, it isn’t the choice itself…it’s rather the choice we make. My time in the gym is not spent in a vanity session. My time in the gym is normally a time to come face to face with my creator. It is a time to see my problems for what they really are: a big pile of my own sweat. Most of my issues are self-made. I invite drama into my life when I shut my King out of certain parts of my life and do not make Him a part of my decisions. My physical practice of working out allows me to listen more fully to the voice that I should hear all the time.

So what happens once you give it all up? What happens once you realize that even the body you inhabit is to be used for His glory? Well, I would hope we all start taking better care of our temples. We have reached a point where our resolve for human comfort and our repulsive lack of embracing discomfort has impacted our health by leaps and bounds. We now house diseases that were unheard of a decade ago, and yet we keep plugging away at what tastes good. By the way, gluttony is a sin and cannot be spun to be good in any way. We must realize that our physical bodies are the house for the Holy Spirit. If we are unable to GO when called….we are sinning against our Saviour. NOT doing what we are called to do is the same as doing that which we have been told not to do. In other words: allowing my body to be physically wrecked to the point of being made useless makes me no better than a murderer. Sin is sin. Period.

Heavy words, I know. And please understand that I am not just speaking of carrying a few extra pounds or needing to lose 100 pounds. I am speaking to us ALL! Those who devote too much time to the gym are no better than those who devote too much time to the couch. They are both idols. I encourage you to break the bonds today! Start by simply making a commitment to ready yourself. Whether we want to believe it or not, a war we cannot see with human eyes is waging. We are called to be ready. We are called to run the race. We are called to be MORE in HIM. Allow this to dig deep into your spirit and guide your steps today.

Ready yourself for your calling….if not you, than who?

Live Louder!


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Thirsty Thursday: Easy Protein Pancakes

These pancakes can be made in large batches and then frozen in portions of 2. If you workout in the morning, pull some out of the freezer before you start and they will thaw and be ready when you’re done :) They’re yummy, portable and packed with nutrients; everything you need to build a strong, fit body.


1 cup raw oats

1-1.5 cups egg whites

2 whole eggs

2 TBSP flax-seed (milled or ground)

About 1 scoop whey protein (totally optional)

Mix ingredients together to form pancake batter, then cook through on a skillet or in a pan (ungreased or with small amount of clean cooking oil).




I wrap them up in plastic wrap, once cooled, and then place them in a large freezer bag. Be sure to portion before freezing!

I encourage you to play around a bit. I used Peanut Butter Cookie flavored protein (I’m digging Gaspari Myofusion Elite right now), but you can omit it and use stevia to sweeten.

Consider adding spices such as ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg for fat burning pancakes.

You can also add a little cottage cheese to make them moister.

Here’s to your good health, and good eats! There’s no need to give up the foods you love to get the body you want :)




A Day in the Life: Walk through my meal plan and see my favorite shake

So, nutrition seems to be the BIGGEST struggle for everybody. You don’t have to be all crazy with it people, just make smart choices :)

Here’s a look at my daily meal plan as of right now. It’s pretty basic, cheap and full of FOOD!

Meal #1:

8 ounces water mixed with 1 scoop chocolate Shakeology.


Meal #2 (Breakfast with the kids!):

2 fresh yard eggs

1/2 cup cantaloupe

2 cups veggies (usually this is pepper, cucumber and tomato)

1 slice homemade bread (no yeast) with coconut oil and strawberry spread, fruit only

Meal #3:

1 serving 2% Greek yogurt, drizzle of honey

Meal #4:

2 cups cabbage

5 ounces salmon

2 tbsp mustard

2 cups raw veggies

Small slice of homemade bread if needed (depending on my schedule)

Meal #5:

1 apple

1 serving PB2 (powdered peanut butter)

small plate of raw veggies

Meal #6:

This is my absolute FAVORITE of the moment!!!!!!

It gives me energy and gets me through clients and training, plus I go to bed comfortable, never hungry.

4 ounces no sugar almond milk

4-6 ounces water

handful of spinach

1 cup frozen cantaloupe melon

1 scoop Tropical Strawberry Shakeology

1 Scoop Greens

Sprig of fresh mint

Blend in blender for a refreshing smoothie that totally ROCKS!!!!!!

Well, as you can see I like to eat and I do so a LOT! Fresh vegetables are portable and filling, so you can take those wherever you go. I have 6 meals per day due to the fact that my day starts at 4 a.m. and ends just after 9 usually. If you don’t wake up as early, you can get by with 5 small meals. My largest meal is meal #2 and I taper carbs (like bread, pasta, etc) in the afternoon. THIS is the plan that helps keep my midsection toned, my skin tight and clear, and my energy high.

I’ll see you soon!

MichelleSUPKG0007_30 Day_Vegan_11.29.11_FM_no_die

Secrets of Weight Loss Day16