Moldova Day 2: Training Begins

Hello ALL!

Yesterday morning (yes, I am a day ahead of many of you), I had my orientation and began training the beautiful young lady who will become the me in Moldova. We have pictures…and I’ll get them on here just as soon as I figure the whole technology thing out.

Her thirst for knowledge on the subjects of health, fitness, nutrition and self defense is awesome! She was alert the whole time (bonus) and eager to continue learning. Nutrition got a bit confusing, but who isn’t confused by nutrition. Today, we will begin training in fitness and working more on fitness education. She is more dedicated to learning than any others I have worked with so far. She has a true desire to help the girls in her community.

There are experiences and stories here that can never truly be read through the internet, but are better to be experienced with others. Prayers for the next few days:

  1. Pray for the training to continue going well.
  2. Pray for sleep! I have had trouble getting more than 3-4 hours each night.
  3. Pray for energy to do the work.

My daughter got to try placenta for the first time last night and immediately fell in love with this cultural dish. Perhaps it is because the one she chose resembles cheery pie :) .

I will attempt to get some pictures posted soon and I will keep you updated on the events here.


A Very Special Post

Opportunities rarely come along where I can combine passions with needs….and this is where my calling lies.

We’ve all been called to stand for something. My calling exists in the realm of human slavery and exploitation. What does that have to do with fitness and health? More than you think….

Beginning of Life is a my partner in Chisinau, Moldova. I visited them for the first time in January of this year. After a brief stay, opportunities to truly bring about change began to unfold. You see, Moldova is one of the largest exporters in Eastern Europe. Exporting what? People. Not goods. Not animals, but people who are treated like no more than a common farm animal…or worse. Beginning of Life has implemented a holistic approach to healing those who have been victims of trafficking as well as beginning prevention programs to prevent further exploitation.

Where does health and fitness come in?

First, most victims of trafficking and/or abuse tend to disassociate themselves with their bodies. They can even develop a hatred toward their own bodies. By creating a Safe Space with an environment to learn about your very own body and how to properly care for it, we will open up a new world of confidence and faith in those who once felt hopeless.

Second, controlling ones body is the most basic of human rights. We should have the right to feed our body well (not worrying about being starved) and move our bodies in ways that feel good. The Safe Space we are working on will provide classes on nutrition, movement, and various forms of exercise ranging from dance to yoga to kickboxing.

Third, self-defense classes will be an ongoing part of the BOL ministry and will be offered to victims as well as family. These classes do not exist to promote further violence, rather they will teach each individual that they are worth defending their own life and the lives of their loved ones.

Fourth, trainings will be held 2 times per year to ensure that these girls have the skills needed to make a living. Upon the initial trainings (once the center is funded and opened), many girls will be able to teach various classes and be directly involved in training clients to take better care of what we truly have been gifted: our bodies. Scheduled trainings* will include the following:

  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • MMA Training
  • Dance/Hip Hop
  • Yoga
  • Pilates (mat based)
  • Strength Training
  • Cardiorespiratory classes
  • Nutrition for fitness
  • Nutrition for disease prevention
  • Suspension training (TRX)
  • Self Defense

Fifth, the staff at BOL will have access to this Safe Space during off hours so that they can take care of their own fitness and health requirements as well, thus effectively restoring the energy needed to change their side of the world.

The most common question is WHY? Why am I raising awareness and funding for another country? Well, I love them deeply. Moldova is not highly known by most and they need help, just like other countries. Truth be told, this is not the last Safe Space I am spearheading. I am working on a program for girls through my church now and plan on developing a Safe Space here within the next year. Changes are happening, but help and hope are needed….

So, what can YOU do to make a difference? Well, the easiest and most quickly effective route is to click the button to the right of the page——— There you can donate to funding this Safe Space in Moldova and be a part of changing the history of a nation…and perhaps yours as well. Also, *consider a trip to Moldova to participate in trainings. If you are a certified master trainer or instructor, I would be THRILLED tyo have your expertise with us. Don’t confine yourself to the classes listed above. Think outside of the box and bring in a fresh perspective. If you’re interested, please email me at

You can also let your voice be heard. Tell everybody in your social network what if going on and the steps being taken to make a change. Write, speak, act it out in mime…whatever gift you have use it! You will never be the same, nor will you ever want to.

As I close today, I ask only that you consider how your role will play out here. Commit to being used for something bigger, maybe even something that scares you. Live your life louder than ever before. You won’t be sorry, and you surely won’t ever be bored :)

Check out my friend Peters story about his Moldova. This will give you more insight into a people so very dear to my heart.

Hello y’all

I was born in Russia but I live in Moldova within 38 years. My name is Peter. I’m married and have 2 daughters.

I work a lot with US teams translating to them in different country sides, visiting different villages, seeing lots of people, listening lots of stories. I started to translate in 2001.

Our country has awesome nature and people are very hospitable to strangers over here. The main religion here is orthodoxy. There are people, who consider themselves to be believers, following traditions only. People hear about God but don’t know Him personally. There is difference to hear and to know.

We have many Evangelical organizations over here but there is a huge field of non believers as well. Our goal isn’t only bringing Gospel to non believers but also making disciples. Unfortunately, there are some obstacles for reaching people.

Most of our non believers, as everywhere, have only one goal and that’s materialism. But there is a huge difference from other countries. Our people can’t reach that because of lack of work places all over the country. Good diploma will not give you a good job and that’s why people are leaving the country, I’m speaking about our young and young adult’s generation. Some, who can’t leave it trying to reach their goals by criminal tendencies. Our country is well-known because of sex traffic and black market (internal organs). There lots of children, who are left by parents trying to survive in different orphanages. I just mentioned about some obstacles we have over here.

Believers need to make up something new for get attention of such people. I also wanna tell you God is doing miracles over here working in hearts of people giving them salvation. I can’t describe that by words because there aren’t such words, which are able to describe them.

God is good and He never leaves us or forsakes us. I’m glad I live here because living here I should rely on Him everyday having no assurance at the future, without regular job. I can testify that God is always with my family and me, even if I think a situation is terrible, He brings me through it giving a joy and a peace. Peace, which can’t be described by words. He has His time and He is always on time, He is never late.

Be willing to be loud,