Healthy Holiday Travel Treadmill Shredder



The Holidays are upon us and for many that means travel. Don’t let your workouts fall by the wayside! This is the treadmill program I did while in New Orleans this past weekend :) BONUS! Healthy recovery shake below. I do my workout track by track on the Ipod, instead of having to time things.

Treadmill Shredder

Warm up at 0 incline, 3.0 speed  for 3-5 minutes

Track one: 5.0 speed light jog at 0 incline

Track two: 20 deep squats off the rails (feet wide, belt between). Speed 3.5, incline 15. Every chorus, 20 deep squats, verses are climbs.

Track three: easy run at incline 3.0, speed 5.3

Track four: super slow speed, 0.8 walking lunges at 6.5 incline

Track five: quick run, 2.0 incline, 6.0 speed

Track six: recover and 3.0 pace for 2 minutes. Light jog, 0 incline, 3.8 speed for remaining track

Track seven: 20 deep squats off rails. Side shuffles at 1.5 speed, 0 incline. Repeat squats every chorus and alternate shuffles during verses.

Track eight: hill run/climb. Set incline at 15, speed at 3.5 during chorus. Verses, incline down to 7.5, speed to 5.0

Track nine: incline between 5-10, speed alternates between jog (5.0) and sprints (7.0-8.0) between chorus and verses.

Track ten: 15 incline, 3.0 speed, slow climb entire song.

Cool down with flat walk and make sure to stretch!

Post workout Recovery Smoothie

In blender:

4 oz water

4-6 oz skim milk

1 whole banana

1/2 tablespoon natural peanut butter

1 scoop whey (I use BSN Syntha 6 chocolate peanut butter)

1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa

ice to taste

Blend well and drink within 30 minutes of your workout :)

Thirsty Thursday: Healthy Eats when You Travel

IN light of the vacation I am embarking upon this week, I though it would be fun to discuss healthy eating when traveling. We do not all have the luxury of packing our food, so here are some tips whether you’re on the road or in the air.

  1. Drink up. Remember to stay hydrated with pour water while traveling. The stress of travel can easily dehydrate us, making us appear older! Grab that water bottle now.
  2. Avoid salty foods. Pass on in flight peanuts and opt for the raw ones you totally remembered to pack in your purse. They’ll fill you up with protein, fat and fiber PLUS they’ll boost your brain power.
  3. Don’t overeat while traveling. We sit en route to our destination and mostly eat out of boredom. Lack of movement means the body doesn’t need as many calories. PLan ahead and take a few fruits and veggies. Both are low-calorie, high nutrition and again, help with hydration.
  4. Pick nutrition every time. When at the drive through think about how you want to fuel your body. Opt for a wrap if you’re driving as salads can be cumbersome. Try to get protein, carbs and fats in every meal to keep you satisfied and energized.
  5. Opt for tea. Afternoon tea is quite a lovely tradition and a great way to refresh mid-travel. If you’re at the nearest Starbucks or in the airport terminal, try an herbal tea. Need a quick pick me up? Make sure it’s iced. Feeling bloated? Get it warm to increase digestion.

These are just a few little tips to keep your nutrition and health in check as you’re traveling. Once you reach your destination, take a walking tour of your surroundings. This will immediately reset the body back to its natural state and make your trip more enjoyable.

Be sure to stay tuned as I blog through my road trip next week and check out the video tomorrow on healthy travel beauty!

Have a healthy day!