Moldova or BUST!

Preparations have been happening for months and it is finally here! Today, my daughter and I leave for Chisinau, Moldova.

We will hop 2 international flights to get there, and hopefully get all caught up on our movie watching.

I have a bag full of clothing for the next 2 weeks and another full of training supplies. I would say we are good to go :)

What do we do while we are there?

The first week will be spent training a young lady I met during my last trip. I will basically be training her to do what I do, only I’m going to try to scale it down a little! I’ll also be attending various church functions and visiting with the staff of the Beginning of Life Center. The second week, I will join a team of people who are coming for a vision trip. During this part of the trip we will visit at risk families, local high schools, and various prevention programs.

How can you help?

Thankfully, we have met our money for the trip itself. The biggest thing we can do now is to bring awareness. I’ll be blogging almost daily about what is happening on the trip and what we are trying to accomplish. Retweet, re-post, and share with friends and family so that people will become more aware of what is happening in Moldova and around the world.

Join me in fighting sex trafficking and human enslavement. Give a voice to those who have lost theirs.

Moldova 4

The Ultimate in FITNESS

Happy Thursday Fit People!

I have something extremely special to share with you today. THIS is what keeps my heart going and my passion for life alive. It’s bigger than me and bigger than all of us, but it totally rocks.

As you may know, I travel around sharing the true joy in my life: butt-kicking :) AND HOPE! I share hope too…. In January of this year I traveled to Chisinau, Moldova to work with victims of sex trafficking and human exploitation. Before you think that this really has nothing to do with you, PLEASE, I beg you to read on…

You may not know where Moldova is and I won’t judge because neither did I. It is the poorest country in Eastern Europe whose main export is WOMEN. Re-read that… Trafficking is a serious problem as is the fact that there is little opportunity there and people will flee their country for work elsewhere. This, in fact opens them up to trafficking.

I am a firm believer that NO person should be bought and sold like meat in a window. There is a common decency inside many of us that tells us this behaviour is dead wrong, yet we feel powerless to stop it. WE CAN DO SOMETHING. I have been working to help the Beginning of Life Center build a training center for victims as well as those who are targets for trafficking. This center will serve as a safe space for people to strengthen their bodies and minds. If you’ve been in fitness long, you know the impact this discipline can have on your psyche alone. Though I have not raised all that is needed, BOL has stepped out on faith and construction on the center has already started. I will be traveling back to Moldova (with my 12-year-oldĀ in tow) to stay for an extended time teaching self-defense and other modalities of fitness, nutrition, training, sports and general wellness as well as fitness business management (AKA: how to run a gym). Pretty cool stuff right?

I have a question for you though: have you ever wanted more? I mean, do you ever look at life and just wish for more? There is more out there, but we have to be willing to do it. There are LOADS of ways YOU can involve yourself in spreading hope (or kicking butt, whichever you prefer). You can GIVE money. I mean, it does make the world go round and pays the bills right? You can GIVE time. That’s a pretty cool stamp on your passport. You can GIVE resources. Maybe you don’t want to travel or just can’t, but you do have a talent you want to share. HELLO video training. In order to GET more out of life, we have to first be willing to GIVE more. This center will not only empower those who will change this nation, but it will open opportunities that have been missing. Wanna jump in? Click the link above, comment below, or shoot me an email and I can find a place to plug you in. Don’t get stuck in excuses! Together, we can make a bigger difference than we could ever make apart.



Fun Friday! Road Trips, only prettier

Hope you are enjoying these tips. Great news, everything mentioned on the vid can be found HERE