How Can You Make a Challenge Work for You?

It’s January 10th and already people are talking about how empty the gyms are becoming. It’s been ten days!

This begs the question of WHY? Why do so many give up on goals so easily? I have a few answers to that question:

  1. The goals were not thought out well at all. Saying you want to lose 50 pounds while chugging your 3rd glass of Champaign on New Year’s Eve does not translate into actual pounds lost. Goals must be thought out thoroughly and this question must be answered: “What am I willing to give up to reach my goal?”
  2. The thought that actually planning, and not just showing up, is involved rarely crosses our minds. Simply signing up for the gym or re-igniting your commitment to push play will not happen unless planning is done.
  3. We underestimate the power of habit. That extra weight did not just show up one day. It packed on due to habits that had formed. That could be the popular habit of sitting to watch TV (GUILTY! Darn you, Big Bang Theory!), or the habit of piling a little more on your plate than 1 serving. Eating at fast food places is a HABIT. People don’t really think those greasy burgers taste better…it’s just easier to swing by because of habit. Good news: YOU can create healthy habits too :)
  4. We’re confused on our priorities. Take this example: if my #1 priority is spending time with my kids in the evening because I work all day, but I pony up for a gym membership and vow to go after work for a 1-2 hour workout 5 days per week…well, I end up conflicted and the gym membership, the workouts, and even my own kids become a serious source of stress.
  5. We lack a support system. You have to admit, it works better when somebody can be there to offer a shoulder to cry on, a hand to help you up, or a swift kick in the pants whenever you need it during this journey. We were created for community! People need each other in many aspects of life and reaching goals is a huge one!

lose weight

THIS is where group challenges can be extremely beneficial. Taking a nutrition and fitness challenge in a group of like-minded individuals has been shown to:

  • Increase success
  • Help you stick to the program
  • Keep you excited about the results to come
  • Develop new, healthy habits
  • You’ll lose more weight and inches
  • Make new fit friends
  • Help you stay motivated and inspired
  • Creates an opportunity for you to inspire others

There are more benefits to add, but these can be quite impressive when you’re seeking real change.

As the challenge season opens up (I’ll have some info on mine towards the bottom), here are my top tips for seeing GREAT results:

  • Stay engaged. Check with other challengers daily and mark your weekly progress so you can notice the changes even if you don’t see them right away.
  • Choose the right program. Not all programs are created equal. You may like certain trainers, be at a different fitness level, or have different goals, but make sure you think about the time you have to commit and what you really want to accomplish.
  • ASK QUESTIONS! I think far too many people fall off the goal wagon simply because they are unwilling to ask questions. I promise, whatever it is your coach has probably heard it before, so ask away!
  • Trust the process. We all want results yesterday, but your body doesn’t work like a drive through…you have to give it time and effort.
  • Keep track of your progress. Maybe you lost 2 pounds last week and none this week, BUT you did 5 extra push ups. It’s all progress! Strength gains, weight loss, cardiovascular efficiency…they all get better.


So, how do challenges work?

I’ve run a few and made my fair share of mistakes I admit. Through all of the previous challenges, I have learned some golden lessons that will help make this years challenge a guaranteed success! I believe in these challenges because home-based fitness is what sparked my love for health and transformed my body entirely. I was able to lose over 100 pounds while still being a mommy to my 2 young kids. Now, I’m able to share that with others in a far better way than I ever dreamed. Wait for it…I’ll be releasing a video about my experience with home-based fitness programs and nutrition next week. :)

Interested to see how this works?

  1. You get started for FREE by logging into a free account HERE.
  2. Then, you browse through the programs and blogs, do some research and line up your goals and priorities.
  3. EMAIL ME! Don’t skip this step. Email me and let’s dig through your goals, fitness level, commitments and everything that affects your success to find the PERFECT program for you.

Once all of that is accomplished, I set you up on my challengers page and we get going. So what are the highlights of THIS particular challenge? I’m so glad you asked :)

  • Daily motivation and check ins with your coach (ME) on the page.
  • Weekly emails to give you insider tips you don’t get in your programs. I’ve been doing this for a LONG time and can give you tips that will blow your mind.
  • Help with recovery.
  • Personalized nutrition advice as needed.
  • Monthly phone/Skype chats with the group to check in and stay motivated.
  • Access to videos and information designed specifically for challenges.

You can start getting set up anytime, but I’ll open the flood gates on January 15th. I take 20 people in first and once they’re established (usually 1 month) I take 20 more. Here’s the BIG change: you’ll have access to all of this for 1 full year! Plus, you’ll get to check out some other really cool things I’m working on. So, even if you finish a 90 day challenge, you can do it again and still have the support you need. What I’m looking to create here is an environment for CRAZY SUCCESS!

Now the question is…are you in it?


Rockstar Training



OK, so I posted online yesterday that I had 14 people sign up for my previous challenge and that 5 had weighed in after 1 week for a total weight loss of 26 pounds! That’s awesome and I am so happy for them :) I have also had several challengers comment on the fact that their energy levels are sky-high and they are feeling better every day. Even more awesome! In light of all of these great results, I am starting 2 more challenge groups at the beginning of March. Read on and PLEASE follow the instructions!

Challenge Group 1: This challenge will consist of 60 days and I will only take 5 people into this group. The program for this challenge is Turbo Fire and it is EXTREME fat burning and cardio conditioning. This program gives you 12 different classes, a fantastic soundtrack behind every class, awesome kickboxing that has you burning calories from start to finish, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to help speed up you body fat loss, a great meal plan to expedite results, toning bands, strength and conditioning classes, and a 1 month supply of Shakeology-the healthiest meal of the day (you can read my Shakelogy review here). This is a challenging workout meant to give you the jump-start you need to shock your system, blast through plateaus, and SEE REAL RESULTS! Total investment is $220.

Challenge Group 2: This challenge has the program ChaLEAN Extreme (yeah, it’s the one I did right before the bikini pic) and is a 90 day challenge for which I am trying to build a strong group of 10 people! This really is my favorite program so far and here’s what you get: A complete 3 phase, lean muscle-building program that spans the full 90 days. You get 15 workouts including all of your weight lifting workouts (12 total), a stretch, and 2 different cardio conditioning workouts. This program is AWESOME, especially if you’re looking to really lean and tone, and also if you are not a big fan of higher impact (but still intense!) moves. You also get a motivational CD to help you stick with your goals, A Kitchen Makeover DVD to guide you through nutrition decisions, and bands. you don’t need to buy weights if you don’t want to. The bands work just as good! You also get 1 month of Shakelolgy-the healthiest meal of your day! Total investment is $200.

Now, both of these challenge groups will get their own private Facebook team pages to help each other out, stay motivated, and hold each other accountable. Plus, you’ll have me as your coach and full access to the Team Beach Body Site to log your workouts and track your progress. Ultimately, YOU are the only one responsible for your health and fitness, but Team Beach Body makes it possible by offering the knowledge, nutrition, supplements, and accountability you need to succeed.

So, how do you sign up? READ CAREFULLY! Email me at with your name, email address, and the program you want to sign up for now. All programs and challenge packs must be purchased by Thursday, February 23rd in order to insure delivery so jump on it! This is your time to make the decision that YOU HAVE CONTROL! This is your go time!

Decide. Commit. SUCCEED.