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How to Beat the Silent Defeater: Tough Love Tuesday

Do you know the one thing that consistently keeps us from reaching our health, fitness and weight loss goals? Yep, sabotage. Self-sabotage, to be exact. You know the feeling right? You work your bum off (literally) in boot camp 4 nights per week only to go completely nuts on the weekend. You take in more calories than you had all week and you booze it up like the apocalypse is knocking on your front door. Why? Honestly, you’re simply human….

You know I always remind you that perfection is a false reality that is not truly attainable. When it comes to self-sabotage, we’re the ones getting in our own way though. Self-sabotage can come in many forms, but all can be fought easily if we learn to identify the behaviors.

Self-saboteurs are afraid to succeed to say the least. Now. I realize this seems like an insane thought, but go with me here. If we succeed what will happen? Think of it like this: if a child comes out to bat his very first baseball game and hits an incredible home run, he is then regarded as a great hitter and placed at the top of the batting order. So, what would happen if he failed? What if he had one beautiful hit and NEVER even came close to the ball again? Now, we should all realize that with proper coaching and plenty of practice, he can maintain a solid hit, even if it’s not a home run every time. The funny thing is when it comes to weight loss or fitness goals we find ourselves worried that if we succeed more will be asked of us. Guess what? It will. People look at me different and they have been watching my plate and grocery cart for years. Get over it! Take on a winners attitude and fight for what you want!

Another character trait of a self-saboteur is the sprint forward/retreat back push. These are the times that we sign up for a new boot camp, write out our goals and plans, then after 1-2 weeks we retreat back to the couch. Why? “It’s hard” and “It hurts” tends to top the charts here. These people get ALL fired up, then go about it with the WRONG expectations. You are not going to reach a big fitness or weight loss goal in 1-2 weeks. Suck it up, do the work, live with it.

Excuses. Really? “My pinky finger hurts so I’m skipping my next 3 workouts to recover.” Are. You. SERIOUS!?! If you’re upper body gets warped from a workout, suck it up and work your lower body. Besides, what most of us consider “injuries” are your body’s cries for help getting louder (see me in the next post for that one!). Anytime you throw the word “BUT” around, you are taking yourself backwards. Stop it! Right now…..

Saboteurs expect things to be easy. Losing weight is not easy. Gaining muscle is most certainly NOT easy. Changing your nutrition is not easy. Keeping a food journal is not easy. Finding balance between it all is not easy. So let me ask you a question:

Why should it be easier for you than it is for EVERYBODY ELSE?

I’ve said before, if your friend claims the weight just fell off they are LYING!

There is a system and it does work. Commit to it, Do the work. Get off your butt. SUCCEED for you and everybody else.

Live a little louder today!



Fun Friday! New Weight Loss Series

Monday, January 21, I will be launching a new series that deals with goal setting and weight loss.

The skills that you will learn during the following 20 days will enable you to set goals that are not only attainable, but bigger than you’ve ever dared to dream.

Everything you learn in these next few weeks will help you lose that first and last pound, and these skills can be taken into others areas of life to make you more successful overall.

Get ready, get set…GOAL!!!!


Throwback Thursday!

This is one of the first videos I ever filmed :)

It holds a special place in my heart as it stars my adopted older son LOL

Amp up your pushups for a sculpted upper body

Tough Love Tuesday: Unrealistic Expectations

Tight Skin Essentials

Hello Fit Lifers!

Welcome to the end of your week! Or at least close enough to it to do some booty shakin happy dances :)

Everybody’s favorite subject is on tap today: SKIN!!!!! Mind out of the gutter….not showing skin, but tightening it up. Once it’s tight, feel free to do what you wish ;)

After losing 100+ pounds (with NO tucks mind you), you get asked how to tighten skin in regards to weight loss…..you get asked that a lot. Today, we’re going over some essentials.

Tight Skin Essentials 101

  • Water. Drink it all day, everyday. You need a gallon per day (shush!) and you can count some herbal teas. Steer clear of elixirs and for goodness sake, put down the Crystal Light! It is so NOT helping.
  • Strength training. I hate to burst your flirty bubble, but Zumba will NOT tighten your skin. Interesting fact: I know the girl on the infomercial that has had 6 kids and they try to make you believe she flattened her tummy with Zumba (her name is Julie and she really is a superstar). Yeah, she has a personal trainer who puts her through rigorous weight sessions and super focused ab workouts, PLUS she’s a runner. We have the freedom of speech, but that doesn’t mean the commercials always tell the truth….
  • Protein. All that strength training needs a solid base of protein to build lean muscle. The more lean muscle you have the tighter the skin. Why? Well, for starters you’ll be burning calories all day and not blowing up in size and shrinking back down, which makes the skin lose its elasticity. Also, the more muscle you have the more collagen your skin will produce. Collagen is a natural product produced in the skin (the ones you rub on are NOT THE SAME) and helps keep the skin’s tight, youthful appearance. Last, you can build muscle where the skin is a little looser to “fill out”. Think about the back of your arms for example…. Yeah, you’re eating protein now right?!?! Good sources include: eggs and egg whites, chicken, lean beef, lean game, fish, whey and casein powders, etc.
  • EAT YOUR VEGGIES! I shouldn’t have to keep repeating this…… A diet high in vegetables has been proven to be more heart healthy AND it fights off free radicals. Those nasty little boogers are no good for tight skin. I don’t care if you like veggies or not! You’re no longer a toddler, so suck it up and eat your veggies!
  • Avoid SOY! OK, I don’t want to cause a riot, but here’s the deal. Weight loss has gone beyond a mere numbers game and into a hormone game. Soy increases estrogen levels as it contains natural estrogens. Estrogen makes us hold on to body fat. Now, read that carefully. It does not cause body fat, but it does make our bodies hang on to it. Even though soy is an acceptable source of protein, if you’re battling loose skin get it out of your diet! If you cannot tolerate dairy (which is NOT necessary for tight skin) you can use almond or coconut milk.
  • Use oil. Coconut oil to be exact. Yes, I get that you are probably tired of hearing about how awesome coconut oil is, but stay with me. You can run this wonder oil on the skin and it has actually been proven to help. How? It naturally fights free radicals (which break down collagen) and keeps the skin hydrated. Hydrated skin will stay tighter, so keep it happy! Rub it on at night after a warm shower. It will absorb quickly and you don’t need much at all.
  • Take your vitamins! A good multivitamin will help with your energy levels. I also recommend a good oil such as fish oil or Omega 3 capsules. Obtain them from reputable companies. I get all of my supplements from Bodybuilding.com
  • The extras: regular massage also helps to tone the skin (it does NOT take the place of regular strength training people!), but I rarely get massages so I consider it an extra :) . You can invest in some good creams and lotions. Most have high amounts of caffeine, which temporarily dehydrate the skin to give it a tighter, smoother appearance. Ones I like are Bliss Fat Girl Slim and Nivea CoQ10. You can also consider using a coffee scrub to rub into areas that may have a little cellulite hanging on. This creates the same dehydrating effect and can be coupled with the creams. Works great for bikini season, but again…it does NOT take the place of a healthy diet and exercise! Tanning is a great cover up for any lingering issues we see as well. AVOID THE BEDS!!!!! Overexposer to UVA/UVB can break down collagen, leaving your skin ragged and lifeless.

Those are my basic secrets to tight skin. I’ll be sharing more and keeping you up to date as always!

Live out loud this year!


Tough Love Tuesday!