Top 10 Nutrition Lies That STOP You from Losing Weight: Part 2

Welcome back as we finish out this segment on nutrition lies that STOP you from reaching your weight loss goals. Remember, if you’ve fallen for some of these lies there is still hope! It’s not your fault, it’s just good marketing :)

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6. Heart healthy whole wheat is for EVERYBODY.

Ask your best friend about that. Now, I in NO WAY want to perpetuate this gluten-free cycle we have been running around with just to lose weight, SO we’re going to discuss good old-fashioned facts.

Gluten is quickly catching up to dairy (lactose) in the areas of sensitivity and allergies.

Whole wheat is the largest source of gluten.

Signs of gluten sensitivity are CHRONIC digestive issues, abdominal pain, extreme fatigue, chronic bloating (ahem, weight gain and bloating are 2 very different things), constipation, diarrhea, etc.

Best option to find out if you have a gluten sensitivity: YOUR DOCTOR! Don’t go gluten-free until your doctor says this is your only option. Whole wheat settles well with over 85% of the population and helps keep cholesterol in check as well as provide a preferred source of energy. Gluten does not make you fat or cause weight gain….stop trying that excuse.

Realize that what works for your friends will most likely not work for you, so pay attention to your body. Wheat products, just like EVERYTHING else, require moderation.

7. Meat is BAD.

This is crazy. Why? We are steadily blaming new problems on old foods! Go tell your great-grandfather (the one that lived to be 100+ and ate bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning) that meat is the enemy and the reason why you can’t lose weight. Let me know how that conversation goes for you. The PROBLEM is our butts have gotten lazier, not that we’re suddenly failing in our carnivorous approach…but that’s for another day.

While meat itself is not the culprit, what we have done to it is appalling. If your meat comes out of a pop top can, you can totally blame that (though don’t call it meat please). The over-processing of foods has “convenienced” us into the health crisis we are now fighting.

What about the statements that meat causes cancer? Well, they aren’t scientifically backed. The tests that have been done conclude that it is the CHARRING of meat (crisp it UP!) not the meat itself. Your best defense? Stop burning your meat.

Studies DO support that unprocessed red meat does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

What to do? About 4% of people on this planet can get EVERYTHING they need from a strictly vegetarian diet. If you are the other 96%, remember that moderation (that word again) and portion control are key. Learn how to properly cook your meat and stay within your recommended portions to reap the benefits.

8. Low carb Diets are dangerous and ineffective.

Before it gets confusing, I’m not talking about Atkins here. The diet I am referring to is a lifestyle where lower carb intake is required based on the life you live. For example, a 3x per week fitness class taker needs far fewer carbs than an Olympic Gold Medalist specializing in endurance sports. For our purposes here, we’re looking at the 40/30/30 split of macronutrients (proteins, carbs, fats, respectively). Over 20 randomized controlled trials around the world since 2002 have found the following about this particular diet:

  • decreased blood pressure
  • increased weight loss compared to low-fat diets
  • increased HDL and decreased triglycerides
  • changed the pattern of LDL cholesterol from small and dense LDL to large LDL (easier for the body to utilize and dispose).
  • decreased blood sugar and reduced the need for medication in Type 2 diabetics.
  • Easier to stick to most likely due to increased satiety as opposed to low-fat diets.
  • Useful to fight obesity, metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes.

What can you do to jump on the health train? Look into healthy protein sources and figure out how much you need per day to follow the 40/30/30 plan. This is the same plan that I give clients seeking weight loss as well as performance enhancement and overall health and wellbeing.


9. “Healthiest” diets are low-fat, high-carb.

Interesting enough, the low-fat, high-carb movement came in around 1977…about this time is when obesity is charted. The irony is not lost people.

Bottom line: a low-fat, high-carb diet is hard to stick to for life, therefore it is not a lifestyle change. Once you deviate from the diet, BOOM, the pounds are back and they brought friends. This diet is also proven to be dangerous for those suffering from diabetes, metabolic syndrome and/or obesity. Ditch it. Moving on…

10. Sugar is BAD…due to “empty calories”.

False. You’re excited now right? Hang on: sugar is bad for MANY other reasons…oh, sad face :( Keep reading anyways.

Sugar contains absolutely ZERO essential nutrients.

Excessive, regular sugar intake can cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Sugar can increase insulin resistance, elevate blood sugars, elevate triglycerides, increase small, dense LDL, and increase abdominal obesity.

Added sugars in foods (check your labels!) have been associated with diabetes, obesity, heart disease and some cancers.

Important note: This does NOT include natural sugars found in fruits and even some vegetables. This sugar is processed and used differently, so hit up that fruit bowl people!

Second important note: PLEASE DITCH FAKE SUGAR! Splenda, Sweet n Low, etc. these are not recognized as a useable fuel source in your body. They are therefore stored in the nearest storage bin, AKA your belly fat, where they sit and play havoc all around. Diet Coke drinkers, step away, take a deep breath, go for a walk and remind yourself that just one calorie isn’t worth your mental and physical health.

So there you have the truth to the top 10 nutrition lies. If you have fallen prey to one or more, have NO FEAR! Information can be obtained to help you reach past the bull and into the light of what actually works. At the end of this year, I’m launching a system to help you reach your goals once and for all. It’s not a silver bullet or a magic pill BUT it will have you feeling magically well in no time. Stick around for more news and until then…

Peace, Love and Lunges,




Weight Loss Tutorial: Calories VS Portions

Hey guys!

I’m filming a series of weight loss tutorials and have been taking on questions from the world of losing weight. Feel free to comment with any questions YOU have and keep your eyes open for more videos!

Please. STOP.

OK, I’m about to jump on the rant train and dish out some really tough love. SO…if you’re wimpy you may want to run screaming from your computer. If, however, you have goals you want to reach and you’re sick and tired of not only still being sick and tired, but also of having to reset those goals over and over, take a deep breath and read on.

There are certain things that baffle me. You see, if I need oil put in my car, I have a mechanic that does that. Need something dry cleaned? Yep, I have a place that can do that as well. When my kids are sick I take them to the doctor and when my animals are sick I take them to the vet (and I very rarely confuse the 2). So, what’s all this about? I am NOT skilled, trained, or well versed in any of those things. I have professionals that HELP me. So, what baffles me? The amount of people who sheerly DO NOT LISTEN when I purge out information about health and weight loss! Seriously, it’s baffling….

I’ve learned not to hang out on Facebook because the very same people who claim to “need” (do note: this is stated as a dire need and my input would be greatly appreciated) to lose weight, upon being given the professional advice, will post about the new fad NO CARB, NO FAT, LOW FAT, LOW CAL, etc diet they are now on…for a couple of weeks. It’s like telling your kids not to play in the street because they might get run over and the next thing you know……they’re posting pics of themselves playing in the street! I know all of this seems super dramatic, but we’re allowed that sometimes in life. You see, I don’t think I’m better than anybody else, but I DO have loads of education and life experience to offer. I don’t hold back! I could just say that the weight fell off of me and go about my day allowing people to make detrimental health decisions, but that would be a trained mechanic NOT changing the oil in a car that is about to be lost forever. Not cool.

I reside among a field of experts in the weight loss world. Yep, sure do. Maybe people think this is my hobby and take it as more of an opinion or something. So, here’s the stuff I really don’t say as often as I probably should:

  • I am a nationally certified Master Trainer. By the way, that has nothing to do with how many training sessions I’ve SOLD (like unmentionable gyms…)
  • I am a listed expert in the field of body composition alteration (that would be fat loss)
  • I am one of the Elite level trainers on Dr. Oz’s website
  • I am a leader with the Center for Disease Control to help end obesity
  • I am a partner with the American diabetes Association on the Prevention front to help educate people about diabetes prevention, diagnosis, and treatment
  • I am an advocate with the ADA, helping to ensure that people already diagnosed with diabetes receive the care and education they need
  • I am a contributor to IDEA FIT (writing about health, weight loss, nutrition, etc)
  • I am a certified nutrition counselor, specializing in nutrition behaviors, youth nutrition, and post bariatric nutrition
  • And, oh yeah, I’ve lost a little weight myself

So, it totally looks like I’m bragging and that is by NO means what I am doing. Most of the time, people don’t know all of this stuff about me and I think that’s part of the problem. I am here to help, but people are unaware as to what all I can actually help with. All of the above isn’t even all of it! But it is the really cool stuff :)

When I read about an entire family on a LOW CARB, NO CARB diet I want to throw myself through a window (OK, drama). How many times do I have to scream that DIETS DON’T WORK!!!!!! It doesn’t matter which edition a particular diet is on, they don’t work. End. Of. Story. You may believe that you are just giving yourself a 2 week “jump-start” to your healthy new lifestyle, but what you are doing is murdering your metabolism and you will gain the weight back and it will keep getting harder and harder to lose. Harsh? You betcha. I cannot stand idly by and watch people do this to themselves, or much worse, their children.

There is no jump-start. There is no magic diet that will solve the problem. There is no solution that is fit for everybody. So, what do you do when you “need” to lose weight? PROPER NUTRITION, MOVEMENT, TIME, and CONSISTENCY. You must enable yourself to success by implementing those 4 things. So, if you still think a diet is the way, I’ll still be here because I WILL NOT QUIT. The fight for health among the generations is worth it to me.