What’s Sabotaging Your Weightloss?

Weight loss is getting a bad rep as being a tricky thing. Between hormones, over-training myths and dieting dilemmas, we are quite confused about weight loss all together.

So, let’s break down what could be the very reason YOU aren’t seeing results.

1. You wear spandex or some form of stretchy clothing ALL THE TIME….


I can be VERY Guilty of this one, I admit. Spandex has give and can give the illusion we may be smaller or not gaining any weight. If our spandex does start to tighten up, we claim it’s muscle (stay tuned for that one). People who spend their hours on workout clothing run a serious risk of regular clothing not fitting when you need….like on the weekends :)

Pro Tip: Wear your jeans 3 days per week while running errands or working around the house.

2. We think it’s muscle….

fat vs muscle

While muscle gain may show on the scale, it’s not really showing in your clothing. The average female is LUCKY to gain 3-5 pounds of muscle in a year. If your jeans fit yesterday, but they’re tight today, it’s probably water retention.

Pro Tip: First, make sure you have a variety of styles (especially in jeans) and be honest about what it takes to gain muscle.

3. We are fudging on our foods.

food log

Whether we aren’t keeping an accurate record OR we aren’t weighing and measuring, most humans can underestimate the amount of foods they consume by 20%. That’s a large margin for error….

Pro Tip: Plan meals ahead of time and LOG IT ALL, even what you cook with

4. We binge eat and drink….we just call it a “cheat’, “treat” or “reefed”.


You can tie any kind of ribbon around it that you want, but weight loss requires a sacrifice. While treats aren’t off the menu completely, many people will indulge in a treat once per day OR over indulge in a treat meal (that often extends into the day or weekend) and that will all add up to stored fat. Then, you’re back at it on Monday.

Pro Tip: Limit treats to 1 meal, once a week MAX in the beginning. If you’re weight isn’t dropping, try once every 2 weeks. If you’re struggling with weight fluctuations AND indulging in drinks….skip the alcohol altogether for 6 weeks and see what happens.

5. We translate a hard workout into calories burned.


On average, we overestimate the amount of calories we burn by about 30%. If we perceive a workout to be tough, we will consume extra calories to “make up for it”, but the body will only store those calories.

Pro Tip: Don’t think in terms of calories. Know how many macronutrients you need (a good macro calculator is at bodybuilding.com) and stay in that framework NO matter the workout.

6. We blame somebody else.

cookie monster

I get this time and time again and I cannot stress this enough: weight loss depends solely on the one carrying the weight. A trainer and/or nutritionist can give you a guideline to help speed things up and help you over the bumps in the road, but the changes necessary for weight loss to occur are yours to make. You spend every waking minute with yourself….nobody can change you but you.

Pro Tip: Suck it up. Check your foods, portions and workout effort to increase your own results.


Till next time,


Happy Valentine’s Day

Well, it’s Friday people! It’s also Valentine’s Day and for some that causes great excitement while others seem to fight not to crawl back into bed and sleep through it :) No matter which end of the spectrum you fall into, this post is sure to brighten your Friday and get you ready for a great weekend.

As I sit here in my sick bed (yes, even those who try to be super human get sick), I can’t help but chuckle at the limited Valentine’s celebration in our home. I mean, my poor hubby is a little limited as far as gifts go: I’m allergic to flowers, I try not to keep candy in the house, and I truly do not appreciate extravagant gifts…I feel that money could be made far more useful in missions :) . So, he woke me this morning to see how I was feeling (not a sexy sight) and placed a small bag of chocolate covered goji berries at my bedside. I’m a lucky girl :)

These past few sick days have blessed me with time to think about the things that can hinder us from reaching our goals, be they in life or weight loss. So, as you move through your day consider these healthy habits of success driven people:

  1. It’s the overall picture. Don’t be too harsh on yourself for one misstep. Maybe you overindulged in the office candy jar, or perhaps you called in fake sick just to get a little respite from the office drama…Consider the 80/20 rule: stay on course 80% of the time and you will reach your goal. The other 20% is to compensate for the fact that we are all human.
  2. Don’t let your “feelings” dictate your actions. Much of life is based on our reaction to life. So, if we react based on feelings, which can change due to lack of sleep or feeling like you’ve been hit by a Mack truck, then we will find ourselves in a constant state of overreacting. Take a breath and count to 10 (or 100) before sending that harshly worded email, letting that biting remark slip, or even calling it quits on your workout.
  3. Celebrate the small things. Far too many of us think that we have nothing to celebrate until we’ve completely met every single goal we have set for ourselves. The big goals are great, but what about the small accomplishments along the way? Take a moment now to think about the small accomplishments you’ve had throughout this week. Maybe you made 3 workouts, or perhaps you stayed organized all week. Maybe you were able to eliminate some clutter in your life or resist a temptation you’ve been struggling with. We all have small accomplishments each week, so take a moment to be thankful for yours.

Well, I’m off to heal a little more (LOTS of green juice!) and I hope that you too will find healing in your Valentine’s Day.

With much love and many lunges,



Fun Friday! Healthy Holidays Weight Loss Q&A 2

Friday Fit Facts!

Welcome to FRIDAY!!!!!


Since it seems to be everybody’s favorite day of the week, I thought we would go over a few fit facts. Think of them as THE LAWS OF FITNESS

  1. Calorie counting is so 1980′s. PORTION CONTROL is KING! If you want to lose weight, gain definition, or just look better naked then stop counting calories. Your calorie intake should vary daily, depending on lifestyle. Focus on keeping portions small. You should be eating enough to hold you over for 3-4 hours max.
  2. Nutrient dense wins every time. The more nutrient dense a food is, the more energy it gives the body, the more calories you burn.
  3. Diet foods are OUT! “Fat Free”, “Sugar Free”, “Zero Calorie”: all of these terms need to leave your diet completely. Diet foods were made for the sake of convenience and offer no nutritional value, These are among some of the most highly processed foods in the aisles.
  4. Hydration is necessary: Drink a bare minimum of 80 ounces of pure water per day, more if your sweating or looking to lose pounds.
  5. Exercise punishment does not work. Fitness revolves around the overall total health of your body. If you punish your body with a grueling gym workout for 2 hours, only to be bed ridden for 4 (or worse, prone to bingeing) you’ve done more harm than good. Consistency is key, punishment is lame.
  6. Motivation is fleeting and should not be counted on. I am not “motivated” to work out everyday. The fitness fairies do not visit my dreams and give me awesome energy. It’s a CHOICE. I consciously decide that this is a part of my life, period. If you struggle here (and I know you do because I NEVER hear the end of it) I have 3 words of advice: SUCK. IT. UP.
  7. Stop comparing yourself to others. A vision board is fine and respect for athletes is awesome, but trying to “get that______” is unrealistic. Simply be the best YOU! That’s more than enough :)
  8. Follow a fit example. Starlets that starve and tummy tuck queens should not have a place in your inspiration. Find fit people to hang out with and form bonds with people who have accomplished what you are after.
  9. Realize you will never get “there”. Weight is a terrible goal, but health is every changing it’s form. Strive to be your healthiest self and celebrate each little achievement along the way.
  10. Don’t lose your sense of humor!!!!! PLEASE, stay sane during this process. This really is a lifestyle and lifelong journey. Don’t take set backs as stop signs, remember to laugh at yourself, and keep putting one foot in front of the other!

We’ll break down some more rules next week, but until then…

Have a healthy day!


Find Zen in Your Kitchen: Remake Your Dressings


During the warmer summer months, salads become a staple for a few reasons. They are cooling, tasty, easy, and readily available. The only problem with salads are the dressings.
Don’t leave yet! If you’re struggling to reach your weight loss goals or simply wanting to be healthier, salad dressings aren’t off the menu.
If you eat out, simply ask for your dressing on the side and try to steer clear of the creamy dressings. Are there any Olive Garden fans out there? Sadly, that salad if the worst thing on the menu, sans the fried foods. The fat and calories are quite high for the nutrition offered. No worries! Simply order a house salad, dressing on the side so you can control the portion. Viola! You can breathe easy.
Now, in your kitchen there are loads of ways to play with your salad. If you’re making it a meal, try adding fish, chicken, beans, or eggs (not all at once please!). Put loads of color in your salad by hitting up the veggie bar or precut veggies at your local grocer. Got a sweet tooth? You can add fruits, both fresh and dried, moderately.
Dressings can be really easy once you learn your base. Pure extra virgin olive oil is a fantastic base for light dressings. Remember light refers to color in olive oil, not calories.
To your oil you can add balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or lemon or lime juice. Fresh herbs such as rosemary, tarragon, basil, oregano dill work wonders in light dressings.
If you like your dressings a bit creamier, try low fat Greek yogurt. This lends a creaminess without the saturated fats, plus you get a little extra protein. My new favorite dressing is a low fat, low calorie, high nutrient Honey Lemon Ginger Dressing. It’s so easy, anybody an whip it together.

Take fresh ginger (about a thumb length)
Peel and run through food processor to grate.
In separate bowl add:
1 tablespoon low fat lemon Greek yogurt (I use chobani)
1 tablespoon natural honey
Mix together with ginger, toss with salad

This dressing can be saved in a container in fridge for a week.

One other wonderful salad topper is hummus. Simply take your hummus of choice , toss into sturdy greens like arugula or kale, add lemon juice and a little olive juice (from jarred olives) and mix. Top with a few olives and some colorful peppers for a satisfying and super quick lunch.

Always remember to be flexible in your kitchen. Try different things and learn what works for you. If you come up with a rockin recipe, share it! And always have a healthy day!

Book REVIEW: Think and Grow Thin by Charles D’Angelo

Hey Fit Livers!!!! Still makes me laugh….

OK, so this is my first book review on this blog and I’m pretty pumped. Of course I get pumped about my first cup of coffee every morning too :) If you could only see the scores of books I keep and I hate throwing any away! I have a huge book shelf full of workout books and another packed with diet and cookbooks (one should not be confused with the other). So I figured I’d share the wealth, beginning with THIS hot title.

Think and Grow Thin 

by Charles D’Angelo

Think and Grow Thin is “The revolutionary diet and weight-loss system that will change your life in 88 days!” Which is 2 days shorter than other programs promise! LOL Ok, let’s get serious…

Charles D’Angelo is also known as “The weight loss coach” and you’ve probably heard about him and this new concept book. The “new concept” here is that he tells it like it is and reminds all of us that in order to reach our goals, we must first change our mindset. This really isn’t a new concept. I mean, the Bible tells us in Romans 12:2 about “renewing our minds”. So, why is the health and fitness industry all over this book? Well, it is a breath of fresh air for this particular industry. Charles stresses the importance of a healthy mind frame in order to promote overall good health. There are no gimmicks and NO quick fixes. THAT, is refreshing.

So, does it work?

The book itself is an easy read and I didn’t get bored at all (HUGE PLUS!). Charles tells his own story of battling obesity and coming out a winner with compassion and understanding for those who are where he once was. Also, even though this book contains his story, it’s not all about him. That is a key component. He spaces his journey out through each chapter so that the reader feels as though they are learning right along side him as opposed to being spoken down to. The pace is great and the information throughout the book is nicely placed and explained.

I have yet to meet a workout I don’t like (although I have had some I liked and came to hate…) and the workouts contained in this book are no different. There cardio and strength training elements, both of which we can all benefit from. There are plenty of modifications and if I had complaint about the exercise part it’s this: TOO MUCH TREADMILL! Ok, I got that off my chest. You know I don’t do big gyms and if the price of a treadmill will keep somebody from getting fit, then I believe in ditching the treadmill.

Due to the fact that when a book like this comes out and PROMISES results in a short time frame, then you’d better believe the diet that comes with it is restrictive.This one follows that course. The diet itself is not bad (I hate using that word with food) as it does offer the nutrients you need. My biggest issue is that it does not help with the human tendencies of avoiding the issues we have with food. Like many of my clients have found: you don’t develop an eating disorder by having a healthy respect for food. Keep in mind that I am a nutritionist that deals with patients that have real food issues (although, I hate to break this to you, but if you struggle with weight, you have food issues…). Restricting the diet to eating ONLY what’s on the list can eventually exacerbate these issues. My recommendation? Use the diet as a guideline, get to know your portions, and if you do have a real issue, find a qualified professional to help.

So, overall I really do recommend this book ESPECIALLY if you just can’t seem to get out of your own way when it comes to reaching your weight loss goals. Charles is engaging and the approach is really down to earth. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Amazon and pick it up! Oh, and while your there, I have a couple of books that will make a HUGE difference in that food issue ;)

Keep living fit!