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Top Fit Tips for Reaching YOUR Goals

Happy Monday!

I hope everybody had a great weekend and is looking forward to a fit and healthy week :)

Monday is usually synonymous with starting anew: we start new diet, workout programs, lifestyle changes, etc. First off, you really don’t have to start over every Monday! If you find yourself seeking some lasting lifestyle changes, here are a few tried and true tricks to kick it into gear:

  1. PLAN AHEAD. How many times have you heard me say this? It’s only because it’s true. Take the time each weekend (it takes about 3-5 minutes) and plan out your workouts and meals. This way, you have them set. If you say “I’m going to try…” life will get in the way. If you make a date to workout, it will get done. Why? We all love to mark things off the to-do list. :)
  2. Set your workout clothes out the night before. Nobody wants to dig through their bundle of clothes each morning. Inevitably, your alarm will go off late or the kids will need a ride and those clothes will have to wait. So, set your clothes out the night before so you are ready for ALL the day may bring.
  3. Put your workout shoes in your way. Place your shoes where you’ll literally trip over them. This sounds silly, but it’s a great trick to get moving. Those shoes will taunt you until you get up and get it.
  4. Place reminders around the house. My half marathon training schedule hangs over my coffee pot. I put it there because it is a prominent place in my kitchen and I see it all day. This is where determination and dedication are grown into habit.
  5. Set reminders on your phone. Set a reminder every hour for drinking your water and set one once a day for your workout. It will get on your nerves, but it WILL change your daily habits.
  6. NEVER, and I mean never, underestimate a great playlist! Good music will get you up for and through any workout. I have a few songs that rotate freely, but right now I am really digging songs by Lacrae, Toby Mac, Britt Nicole, Newsboys, Third Day, Chris Tomlin, Saul Williams and of course, all my 80′s classics! LOL
  7. Pack your food the night before. You won’t have time in the morning and good intentions will not make time move faster. Pack the night before and feel better about yourself in the morning.
  8. Have snacks on hand at all times. Almonds can stay sealed in your car for a while and are great in a pinch, like traffic. You can also keep sliced veggies in your purse (just remember to take them out if you haven’t eaten them!) and THIS is where protein bars, or cereal bars such as Kashi, are a huge help. Think like a boy scout and always be prepared.
  9. Slash calories by ordering a-la-cart at lunch. Pre-prepared meals at common fast food places usually have the cheapest and less nutritious foods. Order your chicken and a side salad. Nix the bread from the sandwich and have them cut the chicken into the salad. As long as you ask nicely, most places are happy to comply.
  10. Keep your goals handy. PLace your goals where you can see them. In your house, in your car, on your back porch, etc. Make sure you are clear with your goals and that you have set SMART ones. Whether you want to drop 20 pounds or cut 20 second off your run time, YOU CAN DO IT if you put in the work on a consistent basis.

I hope these 10 tips get you started towards better health and wellness TODAY!

Until next time, have a healthy day :)


Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt! Just like Orange Leaf…only better :)



If you know me then you know I have a slight obsession with frozen yogurt :)

All of the frozen yogurt shops that are popping up all around don’t make it any easier. Now, I know these shops offer the whole “It’s yogurt, so it’s better for you” excuse, but in reality frozen yogurt has just as much sugar (sometimes even MORE) as regular ice cream. PLUS, in order to get some of those flavors you have to use artificial flavors and colors: both of which are under speculation for causing cancer in lab rats.

So what’s a froyo loving girl to do?!?!?! A little treat from the shop won’t kill you. Just don’t get me started on the extra bad things we put into our bodies via the condiment bar (Lord, save us from ourselves!). I have been on a personal and professional mission to recreate the art of froyo, in a healthy way :)

My first couple of recipes are listed in the blog, and it is much easier if you invest in a frozen yogurt machine. They are relatively cheap and easy to acquire. You can always blend and freeze the old-fashioned way as well.

My favorite Orange Leaf FROYO: Peanut Butter

In blender combine the following:

  • 1 cup unsweetened, plain almond milk
  • 1/2 cup nonfat, plain Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup organic, low sugar vanilla yogurt (you can get both of these in Kroger brand)
  • 2 teaspoons all natural vanilla
  • 1/8 cup natural sugar (you can omit this or opt for Stevia, but cut it to about 1 tablespoon)
  • 3 heaping tablespoons of all natural peanut butter***

Blend until smooth, pour into froyo maker and in about 25 minutes you have rich, creamy, peanut butter froyo.

1 serving is about 1/4 cup. Do you know the average person’s serving of froyo? 1.5 cups at minimum. Yeah, that’s why all that running isn’t resulting in weight loss….mind your servings people!

Per serving your getting about 15 grams of protein with less than 8 grams of sugar. All pure awesome!

***PLEASE NOTE: When I say natural peanut butter, I mean that when you look on the ingredients (which you should ALWAYS DO) it should say PEANUTS. At times you will see salt and that is fine. If you cannot pronounce it, put it back. And yes, you should have to mix it. Don’t be lazy, that extra mixing is a great bicep workout ;)

Eat healthy, stay lean


Thirsty Thursday Energy and Beauty Boosting Smoothie

Happy Thirsty Thursday!!!!

This simple smoothie recipe tastes great and offers up 3 of your veggie servings for the whole day! Drink it in the morning for a great big energy boost and you’re already ahead of the nutrition game :)



6 oz water

splash of OJ (if you like it sweet use up to 3 oz)

splash of unsweetened almond milk (this makes it creamy)

2 handfuls of baby spinach

1/2 frozen banana

1 kiwi, skin off

1/3 cucumber

small handful blueberries

splash of coconut water (optional)

1/8 avocado

1 scoop Protein Powder (I use Shakeology Greenberry in this shake BUT you can probably use any protein powder)

L-Glutamine (optional)


ALWAYS place liquids into blender first, then dump everything else in, puree for a few seconds and then either pulse or set to the smoothie setting.

I know this looks like a lot of ingredients, but it literally only took me 2.5 minutes from start to finish! Why? Because I spend a little time prepping my foods when I get home from the grocery store :) It pays off!


The coconut water help[s to replenish lost electrolytes and is great for those who workout on a regular basis or who literally work out in the heat all day.

L-Glutamine is a must in all of my shakes as it helps to feed the joints and keeps my arthritis at bay and under control so I can enjoy life a little bit better.

Check in with me again to hear more about nutritional supplements, exercise tips and all things health!

Here’s to you! Have a healthy day,





It’s the Little Things

There is one common theme that I am noticing amongst my clients and fitness fans alike: We ALL LOVE FOOD!!!!

Am I right?

Well, you know what? You SHOULD love food. As a matter of fact, God gave us food so that we can be nourished and enjoy life. Just on a side note though, I’m not so sure God gave us Twizzlers…but I sure do enjoy them :)

I think there is a lot of food confusion going on in the more affluent parts of the world. You read that right, but I’ll explain: if you have enough food to actually cause worry over what you should and shouldn’t eat, you my friend are affluent. We worry over carbs and fats, count calories like devoted mathletes, and even wear devices that tell us how much we move because we honestly don’t know! OK, I have been guilty of ALL.

There is hope for each of us though. It’s a little something called Intuitive Eating. I counsel with this theory and have had raging results for myself and lots of clients. And guess what? We all need it so I’m going to be focusing on this for several blogs. Why? I think we need to bring the enjoyment back to our nourishment. It is the way God intended. think of the people trudging around the desert. God sent manna and I’m sure it was the best tasting, we’re not totally sure what it was, stuff on Earth! Enjoying our nourishment (should we be the ones that are not having to worry over it) is a gift, and it is my intent to bring it back.

Mindless Eating is one of my most flipped through nutrition books. the funny thing is this is not a book of calorie counting or anal retentive meal plans (there is such a thing). it is a book that brings the reality of the situation into light. We are such a get-it-done-yesterday society that we are often just stuffing food in so we can stay awake. We use it to fuel more than it actually does and we often use food for comfort as well. The sadness of this reality is that to an orphan in Ethiopia comfort food is ANY scrap that will reach his belly….

In our culture, we have recently begun to deal with the effects of too-much. Food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities (all different) are beginning to run rampant. Why? Scientists speculate it is because we have never before had such a wide variety of foods available at any time, to anybody day or night. Think about it: you can now get any food delivered straight to your doorstep, no matter the time. Most of us make use of this convenience due to our busy lives, but according to scientists we have “convenienced” ourselves into a serious lack of real health.

I know what your thinking: “I can’t feed a village with MY food and my life won’t slow down anytime soon“. This may be true, but you and I are not meant to leave in an eternal food fight on Earth. We shouldn’t need a third-party to tell us what to eat. So what are we to do? Information is power and I intend to provide you with that. Each week we will discuss a small change that can be made to the diet to help bring about health. The 10 Pound Challenge will cover food in just a bit more detail, but strict meal plans are off-limits. It’s time to take back our right to enjoy our sustenance as it was intended.

So, are you up for the challenge?


Easy 2 minute smoothie

Seriously, not having time for breakfast is so beneath you as an excuse right?

Busy people simply need the right tools for the job :)

I like the mini blenders with the cups you can just take, but if you don’t happen to have that just run water into your blender and wash it when you get home. I won’t judge ;)


1/2 banana

1 bunch spinach (a little larger than a handful)

6 oz almond milk (just eyeball it, there is no perfection here!)

6 oz coconut water OR electrolyte infused water such as Smart water

1 chopped peach

Throw, blend, go.

The bananas and peaches can be cut up the night before and either refrigerated or frozen for your consistency liking.

You get protein from the milk, you’ll get loads of energy from the fruit and coconut/Smart water, the spinach will give you the vitamin A needed and I PROMISE you won’t taste it!

Give it a whirl (LOL) and let me know what you think.

Need it sweeter? Drizzle a little agave nectar in :)